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Umbrellas were originally invented to provide users with shade from the sun, but they slowly converted into an object predominantly used to keep the user dry when it rains.

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Which travel umbrellas are best? 

Umbrellas for travel may have to withstand different weather conditions, depending on where they are taken. For the avid traveler, it is important to have a durable umbrella that protects them in every weather condition and is easily stored away on the go. Umbrellas can protect users from wind, rain and even the UV rays of the sun. Before purchasing a travel umbrella, consider the size and weight of the umbrella, what weather it can stand up against and its many convenient features. 

If you are looking for a durable, lightweight, compact and weather-resistant travel umbrella, the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a travel umbrella 


Before purchasing a travel umbrella, consider the size of the umbrella. An umbrella that is large enough to cover you and the items you are holding will be of best use. Umbrellas should expand to protect the user’s entire body from various weather conditions while still being small enough to pack in a purse or carry-on. The more adjustable and retractable the item is, the larger the canopy of the umbrella can be. 


The weight of the travel umbrella will be crucial when on the go. Lightweight umbrellas will be more compact and easier to travel with. They will be lighter to carry when packed and light to hold when in use. The best lightweight umbrellas for travel will not compromise durability for weight. Though light, these umbrellas will also be able to stand up to various weather conditions without getting damaged. 


Before purchasing a travel umbrella, consider which weather conditions it holds up to. Items that are wind-resistant and waterproof will be good for use in many harsh weather conditions in which the user would need protection. The best weatherproof travel umbrellas will also be resistant against UV rays. If an item is resistant to certain factors, it will be listed in the product description. 

What to look for in a quality travel umbrella 


A quality travel umbrella will feature an adjustable rod that allows the user to lengthen and shorten the item, depending on the user’s height and preference. An item that is adjustable will allow the user to lock in specific heights that work best for them. Sturdy and durable items will feature tight, secure adjustment locks when the item is in use that are not hard to condense when the item is being stored. 


UV umbrellas are good for travel because they work to protect the user from harmful UV rays. These items are coated with Teflon, a material that blocks UV rays and is of best use in warm weather climates. However, the user should not abandon SPF lotion for a UV-blocking umbrella. 


The best travel umbrellas will be made with an adjustable strap that wraps around the entirety of the bottom half of the umbrella to ensure that it stays closed. These straps need to be durable and secure to hold the umbrella closed and allow it to be compact for travel. Straps are commonly designed with a velcro or snap closure and allow the user to store the item conveniently.


Travel umbrella handles made with a rubber grip will provide the user with more balance and sturdiness when using the item. If the umbrella flips or begins to blow with the wind, a grip will provide a secure hold that allows the user to operate the item with ease. A grip can also provide comfort for the hand when using the umbrella if the material has added cushion. 

How much you can expect to spend on a travel umbrella 

The best travel umbrellas will be priced anywhere from $15-$45, depending on the size of the umbrella, the brand and the features. A large umbrella made by a popular brand that is weather-resistant and is made to be compact with auto-closure will be priced higher. 

Travel umbrella FAQ

What is the most durable material that is used to make an umbrella?  

A. The most durable material used to make an umbrella is polyester canvas that is coated with UV ray-blocking Teflon and features fiberglass ribs to protect the user from a number of weather conditions. 

Do all umbrellas have an opening and closing button? 

A. Some umbrellas are designed with an easy-push-button open and closure feature that allows users to conveniently push a button to retract the umbrella. This feature saves the user time when traveling and allows for the umbrella to be stored easier. Umbrellas that do not have an automatic open and closing feature are typically harder to open and close and take a longer time to do so. 

What are the best travel umbrellas to buy?

Top travel umbrella 

Repel WindProof Travel Umbrella

Repel WindProof Travel Umbrella

What you need to know: This travel umbrella is made with fiberglass ribbing that allows the item to be resistant against various harsh weather conditions, including wind and rain. It is durably designed to last for a long time and is foldable and portable. It comes in many different colors. 

What you’ll love: This travel umbrella is lightweight and protects users from the sun. It features an auto-open and close and is made with an adjustable handle. This allows users to adjust the height of the umbrella to their needs and pack it away compactly. This product comes with a lifetime warranty and the handle is easily gripped. 

What you should consider: This umbrella can flip back and forth in high wind and rain, making it difficult for the user to stay dry and to flip the umbrella back. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top travel umbrella for the money

RainMate Compact Travel Umbrella

RainMate Compact Travel Umbrella

What you need to know: This travel umbrella is small, lightweight and easily fits into most locations when traveling. The handle is rubber and prevents the user from losing their grip on the item while in use. This umbrella comes in different colors and patterns. 

What you’ll love: This item is made with nine fiberglas ribs that allow it to be more weatherproof. It features an auto-open-and-close button for convenience and is waterproof. The metal frame is sturdy and easily balanced and the item is waterproof.  

What you should consider: Some users have noted trouble with the auto-open-and-close button when trying to open the umbrella. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Samsonite Windguard Umbrella 

Samsonite Windguard Umbrella 

What you need to know: This lightweight umbrella comes in different colors and is resistant against strong winds. It can be folded to be compact and easily stored when traveling and the canopy is coated with teflon so that it can protect users from harmful UV rays. 

What you’ll love: This item is made with a durable rubber-grip handle that features a convenient automatic open-and-close button. The handle features an elastic hook for versatile storage when traveling and the steel shaft allows the item to protect the user in the toughest of weather situations. 

What you should consider: The sides of the umbrella easily fall off the steel and have to be reattached often. This item will only cover the user, not the user and a backpack or purse, as it is not large enough. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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