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Ultrasonic humidifiers create vapor by rapidly vibrating two ceramic plates using sound waves. These vibrations hit the liquid water fast enough to vaporize it before the machine pushes it into the air.

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Which ultrasonic humidifiers are best?

Are you feeling a little dry lately? You might need to add a humidifier to your home. Of all the types of humidifiers, a favorite category is the ultrasonic humidifier. Thanks to the high demand for ultrasonic humidifiers, the cost has come down, making them a much more affordable option for many consumers. 

One of the most beloved ultrasonic humidifiers is the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier. At an accessible price, you get a quality humidifier that includes additional features, like a night light setting. It also has a 16-hour run time and a super quiet operation, so you won’t be disturbed running it through the night. 

What to know before you buy an ultrasonic humidifier

Often called cool mist humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers are unique machines. Rather than heating the water in the reservoir to a gaseous state, they create the vapor from two ceramic plates and sound vibrations. The speed at which the plates move vaporizes the water, creating tiny particles which the machine pushes into the atmosphere. 

Generally, these are considered extremely safe because they don’t use any boiling or hot water. There’s no risk of users scalding themselves, making it a favorite type of humidifier for babies and children, as well. 

Some ultrasonic humidifiers are getting more advanced, including UV lights to sterilize the water vapor, lowering the chance of bacteria growing and being pushed into your air. Additionally, this type of humidifier doesn’t often have a filter. On the one hand, this eliminates a chore for the user. On the other hand, it means there’s nothing to catch bacteria or minerals from the water. 

Speaking of minerals in the water, you’ll need to be okay with a little dust should you get an ultrasonic humidifier. Without a filter to catch the minerals in your tap water, an ultrasonic humidifier will tend to leave fine dust around your room. The amount of dust it creates will depend on the mineral content of your city’s water. You can reduce dust by using distilled or reverse osmosis water instead, but that can be an expensive solution. 

If you’re concerned about noise, an ultrasonic humidifier is the choice for you. They are known for being exceptionally quiet, though all humidifiers make some noise. And if you properly clean and maintain your ultrasonic humidifier, you can enjoy this safe, quiet machine for about 2-5 years. 

As you look around for the right ultrasonic humidifier for you, keep these things in mind.


You should always buy a humidifier according to the size of the room or space where you will place it. Each humidifier has a recommended amount of square footage they will be effective in, and being aware of that will give you better results. Measure your space before you start shopping, rather than guessing. 

Decalcification filter

Some ultrasonic humidifiers do have a decalcification filter. These have proven effective at reducing the amount of dust these humidifiers create. Typically, these will come with more expensive humidifiers, and you must factor in the continuous cost of replacing that filter. It will also require some work on your part to keep the filter cleaned and replaced. 

Ease of cleaning

You must get in the habit of cleaning your ultrasonic humidifier to avoid bacteria growth. For that reason, you should find a machine that is easy to disassemble and clean. If it’s a hassle, you’ll avoid doing it, which can be detrimental to your health. 

What to look for in a quality ultrasonic humidifier

Built-in humidity sensor

A great feature to look for is a built-in humidity sensor. This will detect the ambient humidity and adjust the output accordingly. Not only will this save you some energy, but it’ll also save your machine from working at full capacity if it doesn’t have to, extending its lifespan. 

Easy refill

The easiest ultrasonic humidifiers to refill will be top fill. Rather than disassembling the entire machine, you can simply pour a pitcher of water into the top of the reservoir. It saves you a great deal of work and mess, meaning you’ll be more likely to use your humidifier. 


Many of the newer ultrasonic humidifiers on the market have an auto-shutoff, stopping the machine and turning it off when the tank is empty. This will save you energy and money in the long run and will save the inner workings of your machine from running without water. 

Silent operation

When it comes to ultrasonic humidifiers, the quieter, the better and ultrasonic humidifiers have a reputation for being the quietest humidifiers on the market. Still, even among those, some are quieter than others. Check with the manufacturer to learn the decibel output of the machine. 

Long warranty

If you plan on using your ultrasonic humidifier every night, you’ll want a long warranty. Most come with 2 to 5 years, which is great, but longer is always better. Make sure you fully understand the warranty before purchasing. 

How much you can expect to spend on an ultrasonic humidifier

Most ultrasonic humidifiers will fall in a price range of $25-$75. The price greatly depends on the size of the humidifier and the features it offers. 

Ultrasonic humidifier FAQ

What are the benefits of an ultrasonic humidifier?

A. For many humidifier lovers, the biggest benefit of an ultrasonic humidifier is the low noise level. It shouldn’t disturb you at night. It’s also a safer option, especially for a humidifier you plan on keeping in a baby’s or child’s room. There’s also typically not a filter that you have to clean or change unless you get a model that requires a decalcification filter for the dust. 

Are ultrasonic humidifiers healthy?

A. Ultrasonic humidifiers definitely have health benefits, but you have to clean them regularly to make sure they are healthy to run. If you don’t, bacteria can quickly grow in the reservoir and release into the air. The dust they create can also exacerbate asthma and respiratory illnesses. 

Can you use tap water in an ultrasonic humidifier?

A. Yes, tap water is perfectly fine in an ultrasonic humidifier. That said, the amount of dust your ultrasonic humidifier puts out will depend on the mineral content of your city’s water. If you want to reduce the amount of dust it creates, opt for distilled water or reverse osmosis water. 

What are the best ultrasonic humidifiers to buy?

Top ultrasonic humidifier

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier

What you need to know: This ultrasonic humidifier packs the same punch as much more expensive machines without sacrificing things like low noise levels or humidity output. 

What you’ll love: If you plan on using this at night, you’ll love the night light setting. It also has both high and low output options, so you can customize your humidity to what you need. It’s also able to run super quietly for 16 hours. 

What you should consider: You have to be very regular with cleaning to avoid mold. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot and Kohl’s 

Top ultrasonic humidifier for the money

AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier

AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier

What you need to know: With a super affordable price tag and powerful humidity output, you’ll be sleeping better for two reasons with this ultrasonic humidifier. 

What you’ll love: The name of the game with this ultrasonic humidifier is simplicity. It has a simple dial and a 360-degree nozzle to aim the output wherever you need it. It also has an automatic shutoff should the 2.2-liter tank go empty in the middle of the night. 

What you should consider: It only covers about 400-square-feet, so it’s best in small rooms. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lenoit 6L Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room Bedroom

Lenoit 6L Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room Bedroom

What you need to know: Levoit is a big name in the air game, and it shows why with this ultra-high capacity ultrasonic humidifier. 

What you’ll love: This is a versatile ultrasonic humidifier that can put out both cool and warm mist. It will also adjust the humidity automatically with the humidity sensor. It can run for almost 60 hours, and it’s remote control-operated. 

What you should consider: Some users report the motor can run out faster than expected. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and Buy Buy Baby 

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