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To ensure the best fit, measure the child’s height, hips, natural waist and inseam. Most dress sizes are based on the child’s age and gender. However size charts tend to vary greatly by designer, so it is best to confirm the child’s size by taking accurate measurements.

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Which Frozen dress is best?

The widespread popularity of the Frozen movies has inspired fans both young and old to purchase movie-themed apparel. Dresses are popular choices for people looking to showcase their love of the film through fashion. If you’re looking for a fun, bright Frozen dress, then the Frozen Elsa and Anna Inspired Boutique Dress is a great choice. 

What to know before you buy Frozen dresses

The difference between a Frozen dress and a Frozen costume 

When shopping for a Frozen dress, retailers frequently group dresses and costumes together. Understanding the differences between a dress and costume is important when deciding which to purchase.

Frozen dresses

Dresses are generally constructed for materials that are easy to care for and durable enough to be washed frequently. There are also a wide variety of Frozen dress options that are warm enough to be worn in cold weather. It is also worth noting that Frozen dress materials are frequently more comfortable than the materials used for Frozen costumes. This is important for kiddos who will be wearing a Frozen dress for extended periods of time, at school or at an event. Parents will not have to worry about packing a change of clothing because Frozen dresses are more functional and comfortable than costumes. 

Frozen costumes

The wide variety of Frozen costumes carried by retailers are all eye-catching and glamorous. It is not difficult to see why children are frequently drawn to costumes for everyday wear, considering they are beautifully designed. Frozen costumes can work for a variety of occasions, as long as they do not become a distraction. For instance, schools discourage parents from sending kiddos to class in costumes because they make it difficult for students to focus on learning. It is also important to know that washing a costume may be difficult. Many Frozen costumes are dry clean only because they are constructed from delicate materials and often feature glitter, capes, embroidery, or jewels. 

How to style a Frozen dress 

There is no shortage of accessories on the market that pair well with a Frozen dress. In fact, many dresses are specially designed to match Frozen shoes, leggings, jackets, and accessories. Macy’s and Kohl’s both carry Frozen accessory lines that complement their Frozen dresses. Etsy also offers a variety of Frozen apparel and accessories.  

A Frozen dress for a special occasion 

Frozen dresses are a top choice for a holiday gift. Since Frozen dresses make a great gift, some retailers package them in high-quality themed boxes. It is also common to purchase a Frozen dress for a special occasion. It is even possible to find Frozen birthday dresses that note what age the child is turning. Picture day is another popular occasion to purchase a Frozen dress. It is fun to look back on school photos and remember what the child was passionate about at that time in their life. 

What to look for in a quality Frozen dress

Anna Frozen dress

With her bright, fun personality, Anna is one of the most popular characters in Frozen. It is possible to find dresses with images of Anna as well as dresses that resemble the ones Anna wore in the Frozen movies. 

Elsa Frozen dress

As the star of the Frozen movies, Elsa is prominently featured on several Frozen dresses. Elsa dresses fall into two main categories: either dresses that look like Elsa’s from the movies or dresses with images of Elsa on them. 

Elsa dress Frozen 2

Frozen enthusiasts will instantly be able to recognize the differences between Elsa’s look in the original Frozen compared to her look in Frozen 2. The iconic dress that Elsa wore in the second Frozen movie is available for purchase from a number of retailers. It is also possible to purchase dresses with images of Elsa wearing her famous dress from the Frozen 2 movie. 

How much you can expect to spend on Frozen dresses 

Expect to spend between $15–$25 on an everyday Frozen dress for toddlers or young children.  

Frozen Dress FAQ

Is it better to buy a Frozen tutu dress or skirt? 

A. Kids love wearing tutus because they are beautiful and fun to twirl around in. Several Frozen dresses feature built-in tutu skirts. It is also possible to purchase a removable Frozen tutu that can be worn over a dress, leggings, or pants. The key consideration when deciding between a Frozen dress with an attached tutu or a removable tutu skirt is whether or not the garment can be laundered. Many tutus are dry clean only, making them difficult to clean on a regular basis. If a tutu is only going to be worn by the child once in a while or for dress-up, then a removable tutu skirt is best. However, a dress with an attached tutu skirt that is machine washable is the better choice for a kid that is going to wear the outfit frequently. 

Can Frozen pajamas be worn outside the home as a dress?

A. It is not uncommon to see children wearing Disney pajama dresses in public. There are a variety of reasons children enjoy wearing their pajamas outside of the home. Frozen pajama dresses are beautifully designed and often more comfortable than outerwear. However, be sure that the pajama dress is warm enough and not sheer. 

What’s the best Frozen dress to buy?

Top Frozen dress

Frozen Elsa and Anna Inspired Boutique Dress

Frozen Elsa and Anna Inspired Boutique Dress 

What you need to know: This super-soft, handmade boutique style dress for size 2T to 10 showcases Elsa and Anna on wrinkle-free fabric. 

What you’ll love: Children love the soft feel of the fabric, which is easy to care for and machine washable, despite the boutique-style look and handmade construction. 

What you should consider: Expect slightly longer shipping times with Etsy sellers compared to other online retailers 

Where to buy: Etsy

Top Frozen dress for the money

Disney Frozen Girl's Elsa Long Sleeve Dress

Disney Frozen Girl’s Elsa Long Sleeve Dress

What you need to know: A casual, long sleeve, Elsa dress in sizes 2T to 6, with a knee-length tutu and sparkly belt. 

What you’ll love: This stylish Elsa dress is machine washable, casual, and lightweight so it can be worn all year long.

What you should consider: Expect some of the glitter to wear off from the belt.

Where to buy: Amazon 

Worth checking out

Frozen Little Girls Elsa Dress

Frozen Little Girls Elsa Dress

What you need to know: This adorable, long sleeve crew neck dress features a screen print of Elsa from Frozen 2. 

What you’ll love: The cotton-polyester blend fabric is lightweight and comfortable, as well as easy to clean in the washing machine. 

What you should consider: This dress is offered in a limited number of sizes. 

Where to buy: Macy’s

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