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Two-piece dresses have made a comeback in fashion due to their practicality and versatility. Top and bottom pieces can be easily mixed and matched and it’s easier to find a good fit when the pieces can be altered separately.

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Which two-piece homecoming dresses are best?

Two-piece dresses have made a bold comeback in fashion. The style exudes confidence and classiness and is ideal for any formal school dance. Thousands of dresses in every color of the rainbow have swept the market. With so many to choose from, finding the perfect two-piece homecoming dress can feel daunting at times. 

Now and Forever’s Two-piece Lace Homecoming Dress is a classic choice that comes in thirty different colors. This formal dress is not expensive and is practical in both taste and affordability.

What to know before you buy a two-piece homecoming dress

Before purchasing the perfect dress for a memorable homecoming dance, it is best to know what details are a must have. The top and bottom style, length and adherence to dress code are important to consider when searching for the ideal two-piece dress.

Top and bottom style

Two-piece dresses come with many varieties of tops. Necklines range from off-shoulder, scoop, square, crew, halter, high and sweetheart neck. They may be entirely sleeveless or vice versa. The tops can have intricate details with sequins and lace or be humble and more simple in taste. There is often a trade off that either the top or the bottom is the more detailed piece.


Although short dresses are the most popular choice for homecoming dances, it should not deter anyone from finding the perfect floor length two-piece dress or anything in between. There are mini, above the knee, knee length, mid length, ankle length and floor length dresses to choose from. Can’t commit to one length? There are asymmetrical options as well.

Dress code adherence

Schools are very vocal about what is compliant with their dress code policy. Two-piece dresses often reveal a portion of the midsection, and this may not conform to school rules. If midsections are okayed, it is important to also consider that the length of the dress and neckline are also within the modest guidelines.

What to look for in a quality two-piece homecoming dress

The color of the homecoming dress makes a statement, whether bright and bold or dark and muted. The material of the dress is also important to consider, since heavier fabrics should be avoided in the summer, and lighter fabrics won’t be ideal on a chilly winter night. Practicality, sometimes in the form of pockets, is also an advantage of a great dress. 


The beauty of homecoming is that any color dress is acceptable. Dark, light, patterned and solid-colored outfits are all welcome on the dance floor. Depending on the preference of the person, they may want to search for a classic pastel or vibrant neon shade. Two-piece dresses can even have the top and bottom pieces in contrasting colors.

Every color is available, but do yourself a favor and consider your skin tone when choosing a two-piece dress. Lighter skin tones are complemented by cool colors and pastels, and medium skin tones are complemented by warm colors and earth tones. Darker skin tones have no set collection of colors, but are usually flattered by whites, dark purples, red, orange and yellow.

Don’t forget that the color of the dress should complement the shoes and accessories that are going to be paired with it.


A two-piece dress may look the part, but does it also play the part? Two-piece dresses can be made of many fabrics. The materials of the dress are vital to the fit and how the dress holds up throughout the night.

Chiffon and lace are very common material choices for homecoming dresses. Both materials are used to create a romantic, formal look. However, they are prone to snagging and tearing.

Charmeuse and satin are also common options for homecoming dresses. Charmeuse provides the same classic look but with a more lightweight material. Of the two, charmeuse is more prone to snagging.

Velvet dresses are more firm than other materials and are recommended for formal events in the colder seasons. Mikado is an even heavier fabric that does not have much give. If you plan to do a lot of dancing, those dresses should be saved for other occasions.

Going for a more eclectic look? Neoprene, a material commonly used for wetsuits, has made an emergence in formalwear. The soft material is stretchy and practical for a night of dancing.


The superior two-piece dress will always have hidden pockets. Due to recent outcries on social media, fashion companies have become aware of the public’s desire for pocketed skirts and dresses. These pockets are often hidden in the folds of the skirt with ample room to store phones and wallets without looking bulky. Pockets may not be a necessity, but they are a beautiful advantage.

How much you can expect to spend on a two-piece homecoming dress

Homecoming dresses are considered to be formalwear and are crafted with finer fabrics and embellishments that drive the price upwards. A budget friendly dress can cost as low as $40, but a more expensive gown can cost up to $300 or more. Keep in mind that long dresses typically cost more than shorter dresses, since they require more material to make. Longer dresses, especially if ankle or floor length, may also require an additional cost to hem them.  

Two-piece homecoming dress FAQ

Are two-piece homecoming dresses tops and bottoms sold separately?

A. Top and bottom pieces of two-piece homecoming dresses are not usually sold separately by most retailers. Depending on the company ordered from, special instructions may be permitted. Individual sellers may list tops and bottoms separately, but typically two-piece homecoming dresses are sold as a single item.

Is homecoming less formal than prom?

A. Formal dresses are encouraged for both homecoming and prom. Typically, homecoming is not as formal as prom. However, most styles of dress would still be appropriate. To simplify the look, try to find a style with less details and embellishments or with a shorter length.

What’s the best two-piece dress to buy?

Top two-piece homecoming dress

Now and Forever’s Two-piece Lace Homecoming Dress

Now and Forever’s Two-piece Lace Homecoming Dress

What you need to know: This homecoming dress features a sleeveless tank top and knee-length skirt that comes in sizes 2-26.

What you’ll love: With five stars and all positive ratings, this dress is the ultimate homecoming dress choice. The lace beaded top and simple skirt style can be easily paired with accessories and shoes. There are over thirty colors to choose from, and the skirt has conveniently placed pockets. The seller also offers custom colors and personal requests for sizing.

What you should consider: The two-piece dress is only available online, and there is no in-person location to try it on. The dress has a built-in bra, which should be considered if you struggle with fitting into clothes with that accommodation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top two-piece homecoming dress for the money

Dydsz Two-piece Short Homecoming Dress

Dydsz Two-piece Short Homecoming Dress

What you need to know: With a scoop neck, open back and sequin lining, this lace-embellished dress is romantic and perfectly suited for a homecoming dance.

What you’ll love: With thirty colors to choose from, this dress features a tulle skirt that is formfitting but also has some give. The dress also sports beading and detail.

What you should consider: The dress is hand wash only, due to the intricate beading and tulle skirt.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

City Studios Two-piece Fit & Flare Dress

City Studios Two-piece Fit & Flare Dress

What you need to know: A two-piece dress with a glittery lace top and a floral print skirt. It has long sleeves and a scalloped hemline.

What you’ll love: This two-piece dress comes in either a red top and pastel skirt bottom or navy top and blue skirt bottom. Both the top and bottom have a lot of detail that complements one another and they have a zipper back.

What you should consider: Both pieces of this two-piece dress are dry clean only. The top is reportedly tighter than the bottom since it is made of lace.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s


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