Best Halloween costume for toddlers


Black and orange are the traditional Halloween colors, with orange representing harvest and black representing death.

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Which toddler Halloween costume is best?

For toddlers, everything in the world is new and exciting, even more so on Halloween. The world they are beginning to understand is suddenly transformed into something magical and, at times, a little spooky. Between the candy, costumes, decorations and festive activities, Halloween can quickly become an overwhelming experience for your little one.

Find a comfortable and fun Halloween costume that adds to the magic of Halloween like this Cute Lil’ Baby Unicorn Costume.

What to know before you buy a Halloween costume for toddlers

Halloween plans

With so many ways to celebrate Halloween, it is crucial to consider where your child will be and what they will be doing when picking out a funny or scary Halloween costume for your toddler. If you plan to trick-or-treat, choose a costume that aligns with the weather. Trick-or-treating also involves a lot of walking, so veto restricting costumes that may make walking difficult and stick to their regular walking shoes.


Once you have your plans in place, you can decide on your toddler’s Halloween costume theme. Halloween is notoriously spooky, but you can choose a funny toddler Halloween costume or scary toddler Halloween costume. Halloween is all about transforming into something else, making the options are endless but pick a theme both you and your child will enjoy and make sure the theme is age-appropriate.

Coordinate your toddler’s Halloween costume theme with their siblings or choose a family costume theme like the Avengers. Your furry family members can even get in on the Halloween costume theme with a fun Halloween costume for dogs.


For parents who are very passionate about Halloween, remember that your toddler will probably not appreciate all the Halloween traditions as much as you do. There is a good chance your toddler will only care about the candy, and there is a really good chance that they will end up getting annoyed with an over-the-top costume.

When in doubt, keep your toddler’s Halloween costume simple so you can enjoy all the merry Halloween traditions without any meltdowns. This Dinosaur Halloween Costume for toddlers is simple and will fit over any of your toddler’s clothes, making it easy to take it on or off for car seat rides, diaper changes and even for when they are just over wearing it.

What to look for in a quality Halloween costume for toddlers


Often, there is more than one chance for your toddler to dress up during the Halloween season. So make sure you can easily wash out the punch they spilled on it during the annual Fall festival before it’s time for trick-or-treating on All Hallows’ Eve. Check the washing instructions before purchasing and save yourself the struggle of buying another toddler Halloween costume.


Halloween costumes can come in a variety of fabrics, and not all fabrics are comfortable or durable. If you have a little princess, their dress may include tulle, but tulle is not durable, nor is it comfortable. In fact, your toddler may complain that it is itchy. Avoid rough fabrics and fabrics with added glitter or sequins that have the potential of irritating your child’s skin. A fabric’s thickness is also something to consider because being too hot or too cold can be just as irritating as an itchy fabric.


Have a fun and safe Halloween experience by purchasing a Halloween costume that is safe for your toddler. As it gets closer to Halloween, you may have a hard time finding a Halloween costume in your child’s size but don’t settle for a larger size — that can quickly turn into a tripping hazard. Avoid accessories that could poke an eye out or become a choking hazard and check that your little one can properly see out of a mask. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Halloween costume for toddlers

A Halloween costume for toddlers can range from $20-$50 depending on the brand, the details and how many finishing touches are added to the costume — save money by avoiding unnecessary accessories that could be unsafe. 

Halloween costume for toddlers FAQ

Can you put makeup on a toddler for Halloween?

A. Yes, you can find makeup that is safe for toddlers, but you may have trouble getting your little one to sit still long enough to apply it, and odds are it will end up smeared all over their face. 

What can you do to keep your child safe while trick-or-treating?

A. Give your trick-or-treater a flashlight or a glow-in-the-dark bag to hold their candy. That way, your child will be more visible to drivers while walking around the neighborhood — bright costumes will also help with visibility. Then map out a route that will be toddler-friendly or consider attending a child-friendly Halloween event. 

What’s the best Halloween costume for toddlers to buy?

Top toddler Halloween costume

Cute Lil’ Baby Unicorn Costume for Halloween Infant Trick-or-Treating Party

Cute Lil’ Baby Unicorn Costume for Halloween Infant Trick-or-Treating Party

What you need to know: This all-in-one costume set comes with a bodysuit, a hood, booties and a magic wand.

What you’ll love: The unicorn bodysuit is paired with polka-dot pants that make changing diapers easy, and the wand is made from soft polyester that is safe for your toddler.

What you should consider: This costume should be hand-washed only. Check that you are not missing any pieces. Some customers mentioned that the wings were missing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Halloween costume for toddlers for the money

Child Pumpkin Costume

Child Pumpkin Costume

What you need to know: Nothing is more festive than a Jack-o’-lantern on Halloween, and this costume features all the key elements of a Halloween pumpkin. It has a spooky smiling pumpkin face with green leaves around the neck and an hat that gives it some extra detail.

What you’ll love: The durable material will give your child a pumpkin shape that is still easy to move in, and it includes a matching pumpkin basket to hold candy.

What you should consider: While the pumpkin-shaped basket is a cute touch, it is on the small side. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume

Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume

What you need to know: With this costume set, you get a full-length jumpsuit that details NASA logos with an American-flag patch, making this a very realistic costume.

What you’ll love: The included space helmet has a movable visor your child will love. The full-length design will keep your child warm and the polyester material will keep your child comfortable.

What you should consider: Some customers mentioned that the helmet is difficult to assemble.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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