Which Santa Claus decoration is best?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Santa Claus Christmas decorations! Whether you celebrate Christmas or just get a kick out of this jolly character, there are so many wonderful options to choose from. 

From dancing Santas and laughing Santas to light-up Santas and Santa Claus outdoor decorations, you can bring a little extra joy into your home with something silly, poignant or nostalgic. Santa Claus isn’t just for kids, he represents the spirit of the holidays and reminds us to stay cozy and comfortable with loved ones. One of the best Santa Claus decorations is the Kurt Adler Jolly Santa Bubble Light Tabletop Decoration.

What to know before you buy a Santa Claus decoration


When the holidays roll around, it’s very exciting to get your decorations out and go nuts. However, you should always assess your space before you buy more decorations. If you live in a smaller place, you’ll have limited space in which to fit decorations. 

The size of your space will also affect the kinds of decorations you can get. If you live in a studio, for instance, you may not have much floor or table space, in which case it would be better to get wall art or a Santa Claus door decoration. If you have a front yard, its size will determine how big your yard decorations can be, such as Christmas inflatables.


It’s easy to go a little overboard buying decorations, especially when you figure that you’ll be using them every year. However, if you frequently find yourself impulse buying, consider drafting up a decorations budget for yourself. This will help you when deciding whether to buy that tenth Santa figurine.


Santa Claus decorations come in all kinds of styles, from classic to cheeky. Think about your usual style and your sense of humor. If you’re a lover of vintage, you’ll probably get a kick out of retro Santas. For those who like being in touch with their inner jokester, there are some fabulously funny decorations.

What to look for in a quality Santa Claus decoration


Even if you’re limited by the size of your space, you’ll still probably want to check the size of each decoration before you buy it and make sure you have room for it. This is especially true for any interactive decorations — you don’t want to get a singing Santa thinking it’ll fit on the small table by the front door only to find out it’s actually a life-size Santa!


Some decorations go on the walls, while others light up. Still, others might sing a jingle or do some kind of cute activity. Consider whether you want to just throw the decorations up and then be done, or if you’d enjoy getting to interact with them regularly. Depending on what you like about the holidays, you might enjoy decorations with different features.

Easy to pack

Most people like to pack up their Santa Claus decorations sometime after the holidays are over and store them until the next year. It’s a smart idea to hold on to the packaging and get something that you can easily put away. Wall garland can be a bit annoying to pack because it tangles up, but a Santa figurine is easy to pop right back into its box.

How much you can expect to spend on a Santa Claus decoration

Santa Claus decorations have quite a range in price, because you can get a small Santa figurine or a life-size outdoor inflatable. Expect to pay as little as $5 or as much as over $200, depending on the type of Santa Claus decoration you’re after.

Santa Claus decoration FAQ

How many Santas are too many?

A. There is no right or wrong number of Santa decorations. If you love Santa, feel free to collect as many as can fit within your budget and home. Some people may find it a little odd, but if it makes you happy and harms no one, then that’s fine.

When do I take my Christmas decorations down?

A. Some say decorations should come down on January 6, the twelfth day after Christmas. If you have a real pine tree, this is a good rule of thumb, because it becomes a fire hazard the longer you keep it. However, for other decorations, you can keep them up longer if they make you happy.

What’s the best Santa Claus decoration to buy?

Top Santa Claus decoration

Kurt Adler Jolly Santa Bubble Light Tabletop Decoration

Kurt Adler Jolly Santa Bubble Light Tabletop Decoration

What you need to know: This sweet and friendly Santa lights up any space with a fun and infectious spirit.

What you’ll love: Featuring a bubble light, this classic Santa Claus produces little bubbles in the candle when lit. It’s just over 7 inches tall, making it perfect for any space. Bubble lights used to be very popular back in the day, so this one will appeal to young and old alike.

What you should consider: This Santa Claus decoration might be a little top-heavy. Consider gluing some small weights to the bottom if you experience any balance issues.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Santa Claus decoration for the money

Beistle Printed Plastic Santa Claus Restroom Cover for Front Door and Bathroom

Beistle Printed Plastic Santa Claus Restroom Cover for Front Door and Bathroom

What you need to know: For those who like a little goofy humor, this cheeky door cover should amuse you.

What you’ll love: This door cover depicts Santa sitting on the toilet pondering the “naughty” list. It fits most standard-size doors and could make a great gag gift. Despite the humor, the image is tastefully and artistically depicted. It’s 30 inches by 5 feet. 

What you should consider: It is shorter than most doors and will be fairly creased from being folded. Consider storing it rolled up the rest of the year.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Electric Climbing Ladder Santa Claus With Music

Electric Climbing Ladder Santa Claus With Music

What you need to know: If you get a kick out of interactive decorations, this Santa will delight you.

What you’ll love: You just have to press a button to send Santa scurrying up a ladder to some music. Once at the top, he does an impressive flip and climbs down the other side. It should set the holiday mood perfectly.

What you should consider: At about 9 by 16 inches, it requires a little more space to set up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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