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Before buying your Santa figure, think about where you’ll be displaying it. If you want a Santa for your mantel, ensure that the figure’s base fits on top of the mantel.

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Which Santa Claus figure is best?

It’s not Christmas without Santa Claus. If you are looking to add a new Santa figure to your collection or are buying your first, you’ll find there are many options from which to choose. Santa figures come in all shapes and sizes. You can find them in the traditional red suit or dressed more uniquely, such as for a beach vacation. There is a Santa to help celebrate whatever your favorite part of Christmas, whether snow, cookies or gifts. The Kurt Adler Fabriche’ Black Santa with List and Candy Cane is a well-crafted Santa wearing the traditional suit. 

What you need to know before you buy a Santa Claus figure


Before buying your Santa figure, think about where you’ll be putting it. If you want a Santa for your mantel, make sure that the figure’s base is not wider than the top of the mantel. You can use a tape measure to figure out these dimensions.  Also, think about Santa’s height and how it will alter the look of any pre-existing decor. If you add this Santa to a group of Christmas decor items, you probably don’t want a Santa that is the exact height of other items. 

Decor color 

If you’ve kept your decorations to one particular color scheme, then you’ll probably want a Santa that matches. You can find Santas dressed in a variety of different Christmas colorings. Some popular choices are the traditional red and green, snowy white, fancy silver and gold and wintery blue. 

Santa body position 

The two most popular Santa body positions are sitting or standing. You can place standing Santas just about anywhere, like on a table, mantel or a window sill. You’ll find most Santa figures fall into this category. A sitting Santa, while less prevalent, can be a fun figure to have in your collection. A popular place to put sitting Santas is on your mantle with his legs dangling. 

What to look for in a quality Santa Claus figure 


Santa figures come in all sizes, from a few inches to over a foot tall. Which size you choose is a matter of preference, but some Santas work better in certain places than others. If you choose a Santa to be a centerpiece on your mantle or dining table, it is probably better to go a bit larger. Having a Santa with height will allow you to fill around him with more miniature figures and other decorations. 

Traditional Santas

Many people start their collections of Santa figures with something traditional. Whether it is a Santa based on popular holiday movies or the older story of Saint Nicholas, there are many from which to choose. If you want a Santa in the red suit and white fur trim, your options are endless. You can also find Santas in long robes that resemble those worn by religious figures. 

Character Santas 

For a Santa that is a little more unique, there are some fun Santa figures available. You can find Santa having a beer in beach attire, baking cookies, carrying a tray of wine or even celebrating holidays other than his own. 

Santa types 

Three popular Santa types are those made from fabric, those made from hard materials like ceramic and those that use a doll as a base. Fabric Santas are often sitting with plastic beads in the bottom to keep them in place. Santa figures made from ceramic often have a double purpose, like serving as a cookie jar, teapot or general container. Doll Santas are one of the most popular and tend to be taller than the other two types. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Santa Claus figure 

You can expect to spend between $50-$100 for a sizable, well-crafted Santa Claus figure. 

Santa Claus FAQ

What is the best way to store my Santa?

The best way to ensure your Santa does not get damaged is by storing it in the original box your figure came in. Don’t throw away the styrofoam packaging. This makes sure Santa does not get tossed around. 

When should I order my new Santa to get it in time for Christmas decorating?

While it is best to order as soon as possible, most manufacturers can give you an idea of how long it will take for your order to ship. You can often find this information on the product description page. If you need an item fast, be prepared to pay premium shipping rates. 

What’s the best Santa Claus figure to buy?

Top Santa Claus figure

Kurt Adler Fabriche' Black Santa with List and Candy Cane

Kurt Adler Fabriche’ Black Santa with List and Candy Cane

What you need to know: This Santa figure wears a traditional red suit and holds the naughty and nice list. 

What you’ll love: This Santa has excellent detailing, including names written on his list. He has a jovial expression and traditional Christmas accessories, including a sack of gifts, a candy cane and a teddy bear. High-quality craftsmanship and materials, this 10.5-inch Santa is a beautiful addition to any Christmas decor. 

What you should consider: This Santa is shorter than some at the same price point. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Santa Claus figure for the money 

Windy Hill Collection Sweet Dreams Santa Claus

Windy Hill Collection Sweet Dreams Santa Claus

What you need to know: This cute figure features Santa in pajamas holding a cup of cocoa.  

What you’ll love: This Santa is 16 inches tall. He wears long johns, a plaid robe, slippers and a long cap. He holds a hot cup of cocoa in one hand and letters and gifts in the other. This adorable Santa is an excellent addition to any Christmas decor collection. 

What you should consider: There have been rare complaints that this Santa is unsteady.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


Worth checking out 

Kurt S. Adler Beach Santa Figure

Kurt S. Adler Beach Santa Figure 

What you need to know: This figure is perfect for anyone looking for a nontraditional Santa figure. 

What you’ll love: You’ll love Santa’s comical beach attire and how he sits at the bar having an island drink. The lights on the bar can be lit and are battery-powered. This figure is 11 inches tall and has great detailing. 

What you should consider: Some customers were disappointed that only the white lights work. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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