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It’s recommended to hold the can of Batiste dry shampoo approximately 10 inches from your head during application. The distance helps the formula distribute more easily while minimizing potential for white powder streaks.

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Which Batiste dry shampoos are best?

Washing your hair every day is time-consuming, and for some, it’s just not practical. As an alternative, many people have embraced dry shampoo to extend the time between washes. One of the top choices on the market is Batiste dry shampoo.

Batiste’s dry shampoo has been around for decades, and today, there are more than a dozen varieties available. It has a solid reputation for absorbing oil and dirt, and it’s an effective texturizer as well. If you’re trying Batiste for the first time, the Batiste Original Dry Shampoo Clean & Classic is a top choice as an introductory formula. 

What to know before you buy Batiste dry shampoo

How Batiste dry shampoo works

Batiste dry shampoo is an aerosol powder formula designed to soak up excess oils and dirt from hair. It’s typically used to refresh hair between washes, and for many users, it minimizes the appearance of greasy or matted roots. Some people use dry shampoo as a lightweight texturizer, while others use it to restyle or fluff bangs and layers. 

Why Batiste shampoo is popular

Batiste dry shampoo is a cult favorite today, but it’s not a new product. The formula arrived on the market in the 1970s, and since then, it has been embraced as an essential haircare product by the average consumer as well as professional hair stylists. Batiste is currently one of the bestselling dry shampoo brands worldwide, and the company continues to grow its product line with new scent varieties and formulas. 

How to use Batiste dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo is just about as user-friendly as haircare products get. After shaking the can firmly, simply spray a few quick blasts around your roots. Next, massage the powder into the roots with your fingertips and distribute it around your hair as needed. Lastly, brush your hair to remove any excess powder or residue. 

What to look for in a quality Batiste dry shampoo


Batiste dry shampoo is made with alcohol as well as a few chemicals, including butane, benzyl benzoate, distearyldimonium chloride and cetrimonium chloride. These are mostly responsible for creating the powder consistency, and most of them have an absorbent or drying effect. Batiste formulas also contain oryza sativa, a rice starch that absorbs oil. 

Following these leading ingredients are various fragrances, with some formulas featuring as many as four notes. Certain Batiste varieties are also formulated with keratin to soften hair and add shine, while others are vegan or sulfate-free. 

Scent varieties

Batiste’s Original Dry Shampoo has a subtle, memorable scent featuring lavender, musk and powder notes. This classic formula is now available in several scent varieties, including wildflower, cherry and tropical. Batiste’s dedicated formulas, which are designed for specific hair types or concerns, also come in a broad range of unique scent varieties. 

Popular dedicated formulas

Although Batiste Original Dry Shampoo can be used on most hair types, the brand is keenly aware that certain people have specific dry shampoo needs. 

Batiste now offers colored dry shampoo varieties that complement brunette and blonde shades. There are a couple of volumizing varieties that are more effective for texturizing and lifting roots. Some of Batiste’s newest formulas target specific hair concerns, such as managing frizz, detangling hair or maintaining hydration. 

Batiste Waterless Cleansing Foam formulas

Batiste’s newest arrivals to their dry shampoo collection are Waterless Cleansing Foams. These lightweight formulas are applied directly to dry hair just like powder formulas, only they promise more cleansing and less of a drying effect. There are currently four varieties on the market, each of which has a different scent. Each variety offers unique benefits, including shine, strengthening, smoothing or hydration.  

How much you can expect to spend on Batiste dry shampoo

Travel-size varieties of Batiste dry shampoo cost $5-$15, which includes single cans and sampler packs. Batiste’s 6.73-ounce cans cost $9, while the 13.46-ounce cans cost around $16. Value packs of full-size Batiste cans range from $20-$40. 

Batiste dry shampoo FAQ

Can dry shampoo damage hair?

A. Although dry shampoo is generally safe to use on most types of hair, some users have reported an excessively drying effect on hair. In a few cases, Batiste may dry hair to the point of making it brittle and prone to breakage. For that reason, many haircare experts recommend using dry shampoo sparingly. 

How do I safely store Batiste dry shampoo?

A. Because it’s packaged in an aerosol can and contains flammable ingredients, Batiste dry shampoo should only be kept at room temperature. It should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, and it should be stored away from open flames and other flammable materials. 

What’s the best Batiste dry shampoo to buy?

Top Batiste dry shampoo

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo Clean & Classic

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo Clean & Classic

What you need to know: A classic formula, this Batiste variety is well-received for its simple, pleasant fragrance and reliable results. 

What you’ll love: A little goes a long way, and the can lasts longer than expected. The powdery formula absorbs grease and dirt without weighing down hair. It’s often used as a texturizer or volumizer for heat styling. 

What you should consider: Some users find the fragrance’s musk notes to be a bit overpowering.

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta

Top Batiste dry shampoo for the money

Batiste Travel Size Dry Shampoo

Batiste Travel Size Dry Shampoo

What you need to know: Available in four popular varieties, the travel-size Batiste dry shampoos are ideal for on-the-go touch-ups.

What you’ll love: The 1.06-ounce can contains enough dry shampoo for about 10 uses. It has a nozzle similar to those on full-size bottles, and it dispenses the same amount of product per spray. The can is small enough to fit in most handbags and carry-ons, and is TSA-approved.

What you should consider: A few Batiste loyalists wish more full-size scents were available in travel-size cans. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta

Worth checking out

Batiste Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Batiste Volumizing Dry Shampoo

What you need to know: A new arrival to the Batiste family of products, this volumizing formula is perfect for cleaning and lifting roots. 

What you’ll love: The formula is ideal for individuals with fine hair who want a little lift without using heavier products. It adds volume without giving hair a matted appearance. Users are big fans of its grapefruit scent, which is both clean and refreshing. 

What you should consider: Some users didn’t notice a major difference in volume between this formula and other Batiste formulas. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta


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