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Microdermabrasion machines are powerful devices that can permanently damage your skin if you don’t follow all possible safety rules.

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Which microdermabrasion machines are best?

Historically, dermabrasion machines were doctor exclusive and required a lot of money, a lot of time and an uncomfortable recovery period. With the at-home microdermabrasion machines we have today, anyone is capable of clearing away the signs or scarring and aging they don’t want to see.

The best microdermabrasion machine is the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD Sensitive at Home Microdermabrasion Beauty System. This Trophy Skin option comes with multiple tips to target specific areas and issues, 100 filters to keep you in business for ages and eight suction strength settings to make clearing away your skin a breeze.

What to know before you buy a microdermabrasion machine

Dermabrasion vs. Microdermabrasion

While the differences might seem minor, it’s nonetheless important to understand them.

Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is a medical procedure that can only be performed by a dermatologist. It removes the thickest layer of skin that can be safely removed. The recovery time for this procedure is long and painful while a new layer of skin is allowed to grow — a period that can possibly last for several months depending on the thickness of skin removed.

Microdermabrasion: By contrast, microdermabrasion is more of an exfoliation of the outer, dead layer of skin cells. It can be safely done at home on one’s own, at a spa or at a dermatologist’s office for more intensive work.

Benefits of microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion machines have a large list of benefits, which can easily be achieved at home by yourself. 

Reduction: Microdermabrasion machines can reduce the signs of major scarring and reduce the presence of lines and wrinkles. They can also reduce the size of pores.

Removal: Microdermabrasion machines can remove entirely minor scarring as well excessive dryness and dead skin. They can also remove clogs from pores.

Increase: The exfoliating process of microdermabrasion machines can increase the rate of collagen production to increase signs of youthfulness and a healthy complexion.

If you want bigger, more intense versions of these effects you can go to a spa or a dermatologist office for the strongest microdermabrasion/full dermabrasion.

What to look for in a quality microdermabrasion machine

Suction strength

Most microdermabrasion machines include a suction ability underneath the tip of the device to whisk away all the dead skin it successfully removes. The best microdermabrasion machines feature multiple strength settings to allow for specific targeting like increased suction along the foot or very light suction around the eye. Microdermabrasion machines typically have suction strengths between 16 inches/Hg and 26 inches/Hg (inches of mercury).


For those microdermabrasion machines that do use suction for removing the dead skin. Filters are used to prevent the smallest of flakes of dead skin from accidentally worming their way into the crevices of the microdermabrasion machine, causing breakdowns at worst or a reduction in effectiveness at best. You’ll need to replace the filter after every use, so look for a microdermabrasion machine that includes plenty of filters. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase more.


Basic microdermabrasion machines will only include a single tip (sometimes in the form of disks), while better microdermabrasion machines will include several kinds of tips designed to tackle certain areas or types of skin. If you plan on using your microdermabrasion machines on many sections of skin or different skin types, make sure your prospective microdermabrasion machine includes several different tips.

How much you can expect to spend on a microdermabrasion machine

A simple microdermabrasion machine can cost between $30-$50, while the professional-grade microdermabrasion machines typically start at $300 and continue to rise from there (which is why professional treatments are so expensive). Good quality at-home devices for the initiated are typically available between $100-$200. 

Microdermabrasion machine FAQ

How often can I use my microdermabrasion machine?

A. The maximum amount of times you should receive a microdermabrasion treatment, whether on your own or at an office, is no more than once a week — or preferably, up to twice a month. More frequent treatments than this can cause permanent damage to your skin.

Can I only use a microdermabrasion machine on my face?

A. No, you can safely use a microdermabrasion machine on any section of your skin from behind your knees to between your toes; the face is just more frequently targeted for exfoliation.

What’s the best microdermabrasion machine to buy?

Top microdermabrasion machine 

Trophy Skin MicrodermMD Sensitive at Home Microdermabrasion Beauty System

Trophy Skin MicrodermMD Sensitive at Home Microdermabrasion Beauty System

What you need to know: This microdermabrasion machine has several included extras that put it above the rest.

What you’ll love: One of the best features of this Trophy Skin microdermabrasion machine is eight levels of suction for tackling your skin appropriately. This product is easy to use and recommended by dermatologists.  

What you should consider: This is one of the priciest available microdermabrasion machines, but luckily, it comes with a 60 day guarantee.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top microdermabrasion machine for the money

Silk’n Revit Microdermabrasion Device

Silk’n Revit Microdermabrasion Device

What you need to know: This is an excellent budget microdermabrasion machine for those trying out or getting started with the technique.

What you’ll love: There are five speeds and multiple tip types to make targeting a specific area a breeze. This product is made to improve skin tone, as well as skin texture and elasticity.

What you should consider: There are a few reports of issues with the rechargeable battery and charger as well as limited suction ability.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Microderm GLO Premium Skincare Microdermabrasion System Bundle

Microderm GLO Premium Skincare Microdermabrasion System Bundle

What you need to know: This professional-grade microdermabrasion machine is made for at-home use.

What you’ll love: There are enough included filters to last you for several months and several tip types to tackle most areas with ease. This product is safe and effective for all skin types.

What you should consider: This microdermabrasion machine doesn’t have the strongest or widest suction options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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