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When choosing a place for your magnetic spice rack, try to keep it out of direct heat and sunlight. Spices retain their flavor much longer when stored in a dark, cool place.

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Which magnetic spice rack is best?

Spice racks are perfect for organizing your kitchen and giving yourself more counter space. Not only does it maximize your surface area, but it keeps all of your spices in one easily accessible place. Magnetic spice racks make it easy to quickly grab down and put back up. They can even be labeled for quick and simple use. No matter where you put them in your kitchen, the Gneiss Spice Magnetic Jars will make it much easier to use your spice collection. 

What to know before you buy a magnetic spice rack

How many spices

If you like to buy a lot of spices or buy them in bulk, you’re likely going to want a large selection of adequately sized jars. The rack should be able to accommodate all of your regularly used and even your rarely used spices. If you prefer to find your own spices in the wild or buy them whole at a farmers market, consider getting a spice grinder to help you fit them into your spice rack. You don’t necessarily need to put every one of your spices on display, but it helps to have your most-used ones just an arms-length away. 

Your kitchen

Your magnetic spice rack should aesthetically match your kitchen and fit in the perfect spot to be both accessible and out of the way. Some magnetic spice racks come with a metal board you can put up anywhere for maximum versatility, however, you may have to purchase one separately if you don’t want to stick it up on your fridge. 


Even if you’re extremely careful in the kitchen, accidents happen and things can get broken. It’s important to be able to replace your glass spice jars if this happens. Even if you don’t break any, you may collect more spices you want to add to your rack. When buying a magnetic spice rack, make sure you can buy more jars in either of these instances. If you’re feeling crafty, you can always reuse a glass food jar and glue a magnet to it to make your own. 

What to look for in a quality magnetic spice rack


You can find magnetic spice jars with lids that are completely closed and have to be removed entirely to use. You can also find ones with slots or small holes that come out when you twist the lid. No matter what works best for you, the lid should seal tightly to preserve your spices. It shouldn’t slip off too easily so it won’t fall and break when you pick it up. 


Magnetic spice jar sets often come with labels to help you organize. They can be blank so they’re completely customizable or have common spice names written on them for quick convenience. These typically come in neutral colors that are easy to read. If your set doesn’t come with them, you can always make your own with a label maker


Your magnetic spice rack should complement your kitchen but still be easy to use. It should be ergonomic, and the magnets should be strong enough to hold even through severe weather such as earthquakes. If it’s on display and part of your decor, it should be nice to look at. However, if you’re not concerned with how it looks, you can always store it on the inside of a cabinet. You can find glass or metal ones with clear or colored lids that match your color scheme. 

How much you can expect to spend on a magnetic spice rack

Standard magnetic spice racks can cost $20-$60, depending on how many jars are included and what extras, such as labels, come with them. 

Magnetic spice rack FAQ

How long do spices last?

A. Most spices don’t spoil, but they can lose their flavor over time, especially if stored improperly. Spices will usually last up to two years if kept in an airtight container in a cool and dark place. 

How should you clean spice jars?

A. You can wipe down the outside with a damp cloth. When the container is empty, you can rinse or wipe out the inside. Just be sure to make sure it’s completely dry before you refill it. 

What’s the best magnetic spice rack to buy?

Top magnetic spice rack

Gneiss Spice Rack Magnetic Spice Jars

Gneiss Spice Rack Magnetic Spice Jars 

What you need to know: These clear, hexagonal magnetic spice jars that are available in multiple sizes. 

What you’ll love: These jars are aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. You can arrange them any way you want for interesting and versatile looks. They’re airtight with superstrong magnets. They come with clear labels for easy organization. 

What you should consider: They’re on the more expensive side and some customers found the small-sized jars inconvenient. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top magnetic spice rack for the money

Talented Kitchen 12 Magnetic Spice Tins

Talented Kitchen 12 Magnetic Spice Tins

What you need to know: These are metal magnetic spice jars with labels and conversion charts. 

What you’ll love: These jars have see-through lids that stay securely in place. It’s designed to let you pour or sprinkle. They hold a significant amount of spice. There are a lot of included extras for the low price. 

What you should consider: Some customers had issues removing the lids. They rust if you get them wet and don’t wipe them dry. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Good Cooking Magnetic Spice Jars

Good Cooking Magnetic Spice Jars

What you need to know: Simple and aesthetically pleasing jars, they have easy-to-use lids. 

What you’ll love: The magnets are strong and easily mount to the refrigerator. They’re durable but lightweight. You can get as few as three or as many as 24 at a time. 

What you should consider: The lids don’t stay on well and often leak, especially if you try to wash them. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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