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Quilts have traditionally been given as gifts for important life moments, such as graduations and weddings.

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Which fall quilts are best?

Autumn weather means it’s time to snuggle up and get cozy. If you’re looking to embrace the season and enhance your festive decor, what better way to do so than with a new fall quilt. Fall quilts are comfy, adorable and will keep you warm through the chilly autumn months. 

Fall quilts come in a variety of festive colors and patterns. The top choice for the bedroom is the Madison Park Claire Reversible Coverlet Set in Diamond Spice. It includes six pieces and comes in sizes ranging from full to California king. 

What to know before you buy a fall quilt

Where you’ll use it

Deciding where you want to use your new fall quilt will help you determine what kind you need. If you want it for a couch or common space, you’ll only need the quilt itself. Choose a size that is large enough for two to snuggle under, but small enough to be easily stored or displayed when not in use.

If you want a fall quilt for the bedroom, you may want to consider a full set with shams or throw pillows. Additional accent pillows are a great way to enhance your space. 

A warm fall quilt is great for camping trips and tailgating. Be sure to consider purchasing a quilt made of materials that can stand up to wear from travel and frequent laundering. 


A fall quilt is perfect for combating the cooler temperatures of the season, but how cold it gets where you live helps determine how thick and heavy your quilt actually needs to be. Instead of one thick quilt, consider layering two thinner ones when temperatures drop. 

The materials used in constructing a fall quilt dictate its warmth. Cotton and microfiber are great as lighter covers, while wool and down quilts are warmest and great for snuggling on cold nights. 

Ease of use

A good fall quilt should be well-made, with quality materials and stitching to hold up to wear. A machine-washable quilt is great if you plan to use it frequently or in areas where it may get dirty. Be sure to check the label for laundering instructions. 

What to look for in a quality fall quilt 

Fall color palette 

Shades of oranges, browns, yellows and white make great color palettes for fall bedding. While these colors tend to be muted and subtle, you can find brighter shades that look great. Certain shades of greens and blues can also complement your fall palette. 

Consider the decor you already have if matching is important to you. If you’re looking for something that embraces the spookier side of fall, you can also look for quilts and pillows in purple and black. 


Leaf prints, chevrons and diamonds all make lovely patterns for fall quilts. Light florals in fall colors are attractive and pleasing, as well.  You can find even more specialty seasonal patterns, such as pumpkins or Thanksgiving themes, though these are more easily found with vintage and handmade quilts. 


A fall quilt should be soft and easy to wrap around yourself. Some quilts have a fleece lining for just this purpose. If you tend to get hot when you sleep, quilts with polyester may not be the best options for you. Cotton and flannels offer warmth and comfort without being too heavy. 

How much you can expect to spend on a fall quilt

Fall quilts sold commercially generally cost between $40-$150, depending on the material and the number of pieces included in the set. Expect to pay more than $150 for most handmade items.

Fall quilt FAQ

What’s the right quilt size for the couch?

A. It depends on how big your couch is and how many people will share the blanket. If it’s just for you, a lap or twin-size quilt should be just fine. If you plan to share it with your family, you may want to consider a queen size so everyone can fit under at once. It’s truly a matter of personal preference.

What type of fall quilt should you bring camping? 

A. Light microfiber quilts will be the easiest to pack and carry with you. Polyester and cotton blends are good options, as they are warm and easily transported. You may wish to opt for an inexpensive quilt in case it gets dirty or is left behind. 

What’s the best fall quilt to buy?

Top fall quilt

Madison Park Claire Reversible Coverlet Set in Diamond Spice

Madison Park Claire Reversible Coverlet Set in Diamond Spice

What you need to know: This is a beautiful seasonal 6-piece bed set with an eye-catching leaf print on the blanket and pillows. 

What you’ll love: This quilt is lightweight, breathable and machine washable. It includes shams and three decorative pillows. The crisscross diamond pattern offers a cute and subtle pop of color for neutral-toned spaces. 

What you should consider: Some reviewers said the embroidery comes unraveled after a few weeks of use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fall quilt for the money

HoneiLife Reversible Quilt in Brown Triangle

HoneiLife Reversible Quilt in Brown Triangle

What you need to know: This subtle and stylish microfiber quilt comes in a variety of patterns and sizes. 

What you’ll love: This reversible microfiber quilt is soft, lightweight and durable, with closed box double stitching. It has a soft geometric pattern with some floral fabrics. It’s affordable and machine washable. 

What you should consider: Some customers said the colors faded after frequent washes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

NEWLAKE Classical Cotton Quilt Set in Red

NEWLAKE Classical Cotton Quilt Set in Red

What you need to know: Vibrant fall colors make this lightweight 3-piece cotton quilt bedding set stand out.

What you’ll love: The lightweight bedspread is great for layering with other blankets. Closed box double stitching makes this bedspread durable enough to be machine washable. 

What you should consider: May need machine washed after opening due to lingering production odors.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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