Best king-size sheet set


A comfortable king-size sheet set can significantly enhance your sleep experience.

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Which king-size sheet set is best?

According to the Mayo Clinic, adults spend approximately one-third of their lives in bed. This means investing in quality bed sheets is a wise choice. Instead of existing purely for looks, the right sheet set can improve sleep quality. Sheets can help maintain proper body temperature and help you fall asleep faster. Over time, better sleep leads to a host of health benefits.

After reviewing a multitude of top brands, our top pick is the Charter Club Damask Supima Cotton 550 Thread Count Four-Piece Sheet Set. Available in more than a dozen colors, these luxurious sheets are extremely soft and have deep pockets.

What to know before you buy a king-size sheet set


When selecting a new bed sheet set for your king-size bed, one of the most important considerations is the color and print. Matching your new sheet set to your existing comforter and room design is a key factor in feeling satisfied with your purchase.


The fabric used in creating a sheet set determines the overall quality. The right fabric helps you achieve the sleep experience you desire. For example, if you want to feel cooler at night, the right sheets will wick away moisture, be lightweight and have a cooling effect.

Frequency of use

If you will be using these sheets every night on your own bed, you might want to invest more. However, if these sheets will only be used in a guest bedroom a few times per year, you may not want to spend quite as much.

What to look for in a quality king-size sheet set

Thread count

Most sheet sets list a thread count on the front of the packaging. The thread count refers to how many threads are within 1 square inch of the fabric. In general, the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric. Purchase a king-size sheet set with a thread count of at least 300-400. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. Since there is no regulating entity to ensure the listed thread count is accurate, always buy from reputable brands.


Quality king-size sheet sets often feature elements that help you stay cool throughout the night. Sleeping in cooler environments (often below 68 degrees Fahrenheit) provides optimum conditions for a good night’s rest. Having a sheet set that supports this environment and that does not overheat the body is essential for achieving quality sleep every night.


When buying new sheets, nothing is worse than having pilling occur after using them for a few months. Significant pilling causes sheets to become scratchy, uncomfortable and less resistant to rips. Always select sheets that have a solid reputation for being resistant to pilling.


Quality king-size sheet sets are not cheap. Because this purchase is a rather significant investment, buying from a trusted brand should extend the longevity of your sheets.

How much you can expect to spend on a king-size sheet set

A quality king-size sheet set (four to six pieces) costs $80-$200 or more.

King-size sheet set FAQ

Why are quality sheet sets so expensive?

A. The combination of top-tier fabric and hours of labor adds up quickly. The work that goes into producing one set of sheets is much more involved than most people realize.

Is it worthwhile to spend over $80 on a king-size sheet set?

A. Although perceived value is subjective, sheet sets at this price point (and higher) usually have a higher thread count and other features, which can help individuals improve overall sleep quality.

What’s the best king-size sheet set to buy?

Top king-size sheet set

Charter Club Damask Supima Cotton 550 Thread Count Four-Piece Sheet Set

Charter Club Damask Supima Cotton 550 Thread Count Four-Piece Sheet Set

What you need to know: Made with an impressive thread count, this 100% Supima cotton sheet set is exceptionally soft.

What you’ll love: Each king-size sheet set contains two king-size pillowcases, a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. Its 550 thread count creates superior softness. Built with extra-deep pockets, the fitted sheet accommodates beds up to 18 inches deep. Everything in the set is machine washable, durable and available in more than a dozen colors.

What you should consider: Using fabric softener while cleaning these sheets can damage the fibers.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top king-size sheet set for the money

Laura Ashley Jaynie/Ticking Stripe Sheet Set

Laura Ashley Jaynie/Ticking Stripe Sheet Set

What you need to know: This bright floral pattern is made from 100% cotton fabric and delivers great quality for the money.

What you’ll love: In addition to its bright and cheery pattern, the 200 thread count sheet set provides a great fit and soft feel. This sheet set comes with four pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. All items are machine washable.

What you should consider: It is only available in one color and print, which can make matching to your room’s decor a bit challenging.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Worth checking out

Madison Park 800 Thread Count Six-Piece King Cotton Blend Sheet Set

Madison Park 800 Thread Count Six-Piece King Cotton Blend Sheet Set

What you need to know: Featuring an ultra-high thread count, this Madison Park sheet set is a luxurious splurge.

What you’ll love: Made with an 800 thread count, this king-size sheet set looks and feels incredibly soft. The set is available in six neutral colors that work well with almost any decor. Each item is treated with an antimicrobial solution, is resistant to fading and is highly durable.

What you should consider: Some individuals reported that the sheets were not as soft as they had expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s


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