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There’s a delicate balance between achieving a more concealed look with a tighter weave and visibility. While a tighter weave generally means more concealment, you must consider how much field-of-view you require in the field.

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Which camouflage netting is best? 

While camouflage clothing is an excellent way to hide from enemies or prey, it does little to conceal weapons or other objects. That’s where camouflage netting comes in. The best nettings, like the CamoSystems Premium Series Camo Netting, are incredibly versatile.

It not only serves to conceal your presence from your prey but it can also be used to hide your supplies and used as a sun protector for your patio. Additionally, it gives a tactical advantage during paintball matches and military exercises.  If you prefer wildlife observation like bird watching, you’ll be delighted to hear that camouflage netting allows you to get close without having to wear a life-like gorilla suit. 

What to know before you buy camouflage netting


Even if you use the netting as sun protection at home, it’s still susceptible to natural forces and can quickly wear down. Additionally, you must consider the toll that every movement places on the netting every time you’re out in the field. 

Purchasing new netting every season is a frustrating problem that many people face. To mitigate this, consider purchasing durable reinforced camouflage netting. The reinforcement allows it to resist rips and tears in addition to mold and rot. While sturdier netting is more expensive, it ends up paying for itself over a few seasons. 


Like having the perfect hunting camouflage suits, it’s vital that you purchase camouflage netting that’s the right size. Consider how you’ll use the netting to determine the size you need.

While purchasing a large size works for things like bulk groceries, it’s not ideal for camouflage netting. For example, if you plan to use it to conceal your hunting blind, a large size works. However, it’s not ideal if you plan on using it to conceal yourself in the field during paintball matches or for military exercises. If you need the largest size available, consider purchasing one that can be cut and resized.

The last thing you want is to cut it to size only to have it fray or fall apart. Because resizing is a unique ability and selling point, search over the product description to see if it can sustain resizing. If not, then the next best step is to contact the seller or manufacturer for more details.

Waterproof and other protection

Due to the nature of camouflage netting designs, they’re not entirely waterproof. While the material may slide water off and prevent it from soaking it in, anything lying underneath will get wet. You can apply a tarp underneath the netting to stay dry, but that can cause a lot of noise with the slightest movement. 

The best camouflage nettings will not soak in rainwater and will hold together when exposed to rainfall or heavy snow. Additionally, the best nettings are also treated to resist rot and mold. That’s an important factor because rot and mold can discolor your camouflage, and its smell can drive away your prey. 

What to look for in quality camouflage netting


Camouflage netting that lasts several seasons typically uses thicker polyester to hold it together. Polyester is both durable and helps the netting to dry quickly. If you’re looking to conceal yourself or other items, look for camouflage netting that has a tighter weave. As a general rule of thumb, you’re more concealed when there’s a tighter weave. If the weaving is too tight, then your visibility becomes drastically reduced.


There’s camouflage netting for nearly every scenario you can think of. Whether it’s deep in the forest, in high snow-capped mountains or under the burning sun in the desert, you should select the most appropriate for your activity. 

For example, using netting with an ocean design makes you stick out like a sore thumb if you’re hiding out in sand dunes. Consider looking at camouflage netting that incorporates 3D designs such as life-like foliage in the woodlands. 

Noise reduction

No matter how well camouflage netting conceals you, it’s pointless if it makes a lot of noise with any movement. Consider looking for products that incorporate noise-limiting or reduction in its overall design. 

How much you can expect to spend on camouflage netting

Depending on the size and design, you can expect to spend between $10-$120 on quality camouflage netting. 

Best camouflage netting FAQ

Are more expensive camouflage nettings better than cheaper options?

A. This depends on how often the netting will be used. If you plan on using it as a form of sun protection for your garden or plan on numerous trips, then a more expensive camouflage netting is worth the cost. Typically, the more expensive nettings use higher-quality materials and treatments that help make it last longer. There are many factors that contribute to higher-quality netting and materials. Some of those include increased resistance to rot and mold, increased UV treatment and a more durable build. At the end of the day, a higher-quality camouflage netting is worth every penny. 

Can I cut my camouflage netting?

A. While that’s entirely possible, you must be aware that it may fall apart and lose its durable structure. However, if you have a higher-quality netting with reinforced mesh backing or weaving, it’s much more likely to not fall apart. Check to see if it has the ability to withstand cutting and resizing. Most sellers and manufacturers will state this openly on their product descriptions because it’s a unique feature and selling point. If it doesn’t state if it can be cut, contact the manufacturer for more details.  

What’s the best camouflage netting to buy?

Top camouflage netting

CamoSystems Premium Series Camo Netting

CamoSystems Premium Series Camo Netting

What you need to know: Stay hidden with this rustle free, durable camouflage netting. 

What you’ll love: It features a 3D design meant to mimic foliage that’s been UV treated. This reversible camouflage netting is also rustle-free and 100% waterproof. It’s also resistant to rot and mold, making this netting one to last at least several years. CamoSystems took it a step further by adding a military-style mesh backing to provide additional strength and durability. 

What you should consider: The treatments and added durability make this product slightly more expensive and a bit heavier. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top camouflage netting for the money

Ginsco Camouflage Netting

Ginsco Camouflage Netting

What you need to know: Ginsco features camouflage netting that’s the perfect balance between cost and quality. 

What you’ll love: This budget-friendly netting is perfect for days out in the field and for home use. The Polyester Oxford Fabric material makes it resistant to rips and tears, while the waterproof features allow it to dry quickly. This netting has four loops in each corner, making installation and disassembly a breeze. In addition to sun protection, it can also work well as a privacy screen to protect yourself from nosy neighbors. 

What you should consider: The weave could be tighter. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LOOGU Woodland Camouflage Netting

LOOGU Woodland Camouflage Netting

What you need to know: You can find this LOOGU camouflage netting in various colors and designs perfect for any land or sea locations. 

What you’ll love: This netting comes with 3D foliage designs that are not only waterproof but also rot and mold resistant. It’s made with 150D Polyester Oxford Fabric making it highly durable enough to last many trips in the field. While many camouflage nettings lose their color quickly, this one features a 3.5 color grading meaning it holds its color fairly well. Regardless of the location, you can find LOOGU camouflage netting in patterns suitable for the desert, ocean and woodlands. 

What you should consider: The woodland option may have a shine, making it unsuitable for some types of hunting. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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