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Which Ryzen or Intel CPUs are best?

Intel has historically been the market leader for computer processors or central processing units (CPUs). The flagship CPU product line of Intel is the Intel Core series. One of the main competitors of Intel has been AMD, which launched the Ryzen CPU series in 2017. The latest Ryzen CPU is the Ryzen 9 series, which competes against the 11th generation Intel Core CPUs. AMD has made a remarkable comeback in the CPU space with the Ryzen series. However, Intel processors continue to hold a slight edge over Ryzen CPUs for everyday computing.

What to know before you buy Ryzen CPUs

The CPU is one of the key components of the computer. A fast and high-performing CPU will allow the computer to work faster in completing its tasks. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) CPUs are available in the new Ryzen series or the traditional FX series.  The Ryzen CPUs are faster than the FX series and designed to handle simultaneous tasks and applications. 

The Ryzen series includes the Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and the Ryzen 9 CPUs. For high-end PC gaming, media editing, or other computing tasks that require serious power, you should consider getting the Ryzen 9 CPU, as that is the fastest and most powerful product in the Ryzen lineup. The Ryzen CPUs come with different specifications. The AMD Ryzen 9 CPU with 16 core processors is sold by Amazon for $749.

Ryzen CPUs are loaded with several features, such as Pure Power, which optimizes temperature and power according to performance requirements. Ryzen also has the Extended Frequency Range (XFR) feature that allows the CPU to overclock if it detects an advanced CPU cooling system. Ryzen CPUs also offer several other features, such as Smart Prefetch, Neural Net Prediction, and Precision Boost to optimize the performance and efficiency of the CPU.

Ryzen CPU pros 

  • High-end Ryzen CPUs offer better performance for power-intensive tasks, such as 3D rendering, hardcore gaming or live streaming of gaming, processor overclocking, and other tasks that require more power than everyday computing.    
  • Lower thermal design power (TDP) of Ryzen CPUs means they consume less power.

Ryzen CPU cons

  • Some of the high-end Ryzen CPUs can be expensive.
  • Overclocking on certain Ryzen CPUs might not add much power.
  • It might be difficult to find compatible motherboards for Ryzen CPUs.

What are the best Ryzen CPUs to buy?

Ryzen 9 CPU

Ryzen 9 CPU

If you can afford the Ryzen 9 CPU, you will have the fastest and most powerful CPU on the market. It can easily handle the hardware requirements of the most graphic-intensive games. The Ryzen 9 offers a 12-core processor design allowing it to work effortlessly at maximum visual settings for games and videos. It also comes with stylish RGB lighting and overclocking features. 

Sold by Amazon

Ryzen 7 CPU

Ryzen 7 CPU

The more moderately priced Ryzen 7 CPU offers high-end performance. With an 8-core design, the Ryzen 7 CPU is able to handle most video games and applications. It is unlocked for overclocking but overclocking might not add much power to the processor.

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What to know before you buy Intel CPUs

Intel CPUs have been around for decades and most desktop computer owners are familiar with the brand. CPUs are offered in four product lines: Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9. The number represents the relative speed of the CPU. The i3 CPU is the most affordable and offers decent performance for basic computing. The i9 CPU is the fastest and most expensive in the product lineup. Intel releases new generations of these product lines every couple of years. The latest generation of the Intel Core series is the 11th generation, which was released in March 2021.  

The Intel CPUs offer Adaptix technology that allows the processors to be easily overclocked, delivering faster performance compared to standard. Intel CPUs also offer Deep Learning Boost, which uses artificial intelligence to boost processor performance.

Intel CPU pros

  • Intel CPUs are far more common than AMD Ryzen CPUs. This allows for Intel CPUs to be compatible with a wider range of motherboards. The motherboards for Intel CPUs also tend to be cheaper.  
  • Intel has a larger fabrication capacity, so users should have no issue finding the Intel CPU they want.
  • Intel CPUs offer integrated graphics out of the box, so they will work without a dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU).

Intel CPU cons

  • The high-end Intel CPU models tend to consume more power and generate more heat compared to AMD processors of similar specifications.
  • Intel CPUs are priced higher compared to competitive CPUs.  

What are the best Intel CPUs to buy?

Intel Core i7

Intel Core i7

This is a customer favorite with a five-star rating and more than 5,000 reviews. Users mention the reasonable price of this multitasker that allows for gaming, video and photo editing, and more.

Sold by Amazon

Intel Core i5 Processor

Intel Core i5 Processor

The Intel Core i5 processor offers a great balance between price and performance. It can handle most games at medium graphic settings while offering low power consumption and heat generation.

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Should you get an AMD Ryzen or Intel CPU?

If you are shopping for CPUs, you will quickly realize that there are two major brands in the market: Intel and AMD. Both brands offer a range of CPUs for different requirements including price. If you are planning on using your computer for hardcore tasks, such as high-end gaming, the AMD processors will offer better performance. For basic to medium-level computing, the performance of Intel CPUs should be enough. Intel CPUs win the battle in availability, brand recognition and compatibility. Another key advantage of the Intel CPU is the integrated graphics, which allow you to start playing games without a GPU. Unless you are a hardcore gamer or professional media editor, Intel processors should be the better choice for a CPU


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