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Are Sony or Samsung TVs best? 

When it comes to home entertainment, owning a high-quality TV can make all the difference for movies, TV shows and live sports. With so many different types of TVs and hundreds of brands, finding the right one is a difficult choice. Two of the biggest electronics brands that sell TVs are Sony and Samsung. Both companies offer crisp picture quality, a wide variety of apps and several sizes and price points. With each TV brand offering such a similar product, knowing which one is better and where the major differences are is even more important.

Sony TVs provide more natural colors and contrast at the highest level, while Samsung TVs offer brighter, more vibrant colors. Samsung TVs may also have slightly more affordable mid-range options. 

Sony TVs

Sony TV pros

Sony TVs represent some of the best possible display and resolution quality currently on the market. Available in more traditional LED options as well as the more cutting-edge OLED, Sony TVs represent the best color quality being sold. Sony OLED TVs in particular provide the most natural color in a TV, including a deeper contrasting black due to each pixel being individually lit. This allows for users to get the most out of movies, live sports and especially video games. With Sony being the company to create the PS5, its TVs are built to show off the best qualities of the latest generation of video game consoles as well.

Furthermore, all Sony Smart TVs come equipped with Google TV and Google Voice Assistant. These smart TV options offer a wide possible range of content and apps currently available. This means that besides using your TV for watching TV, you have music streaming apps, video game options and much more. 

Sony TV cons

The biggest detractor from purchasing a Sony TV is the price. While there are some affordable options sold by the company, the average price for a Sony TV is still much higher than other comparable brands such as Samsung. Many of the best display quality options may never truly be utilized to their fullest extent by the average user. The Sony TV is only fully taken advantage of by a user willing to invest in a complete entertainment system.

Google TV may also come with its own host of problems. While the smart TV operating system may provide more options and features than many of its competitors, it also has a slightly more difficult user experience. Some users report that Google TV crashes more often than other smart TV operating systems. 

Best Sony TVs

A80J BRAVIA XR OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart Google TV

One of the best TVs that Sony currently sells is the A80J BRAVIA XR OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart Google TV. With some of the best possible picture quality and compatibility with Google TV and Alexa, this smart TV has all the added features that set Sony apart from its competition. 

X80J 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV

A more affordable option from Sony is the X80J 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV. This is a smart TV from Sony that will fit the budget of a much larger range of prospective buyers while still offering many of the same features as more expensive models. The UHD LED screen may not be quite at the same level of quality, however.  

Samsung TVs

Samsung TV pros

While not quite at the same level as Sony, Samsung’s line of QLED TVs may be the next best option on the market. With bright, bold colors, Samsung TVs offer great display quality, even in the daytime when glare may affect slightly darker TVs. QLED TVs may also prevent the “burn in” effect that reportedly takes place with some OLED TVs.

Samsung TVs are equipped with a built-in Alexa feature that allows users to simply say the name of the show or movie they want to watch, and the TV will come back with all the possible viewing options for it. The interface for Samsung smart TVs may be slightly easier in this regard.

Finally, the biggest overall advantage that Samsung TVs have over their Sony counterparts is the average price. The average price of a Samsung TV is much more affordable and may serve as the best option for users on a budget and even for those looking to spend a bit more on a higher-quality choice. 

Samsung TV cons

Obviously the biggest detractor for a Samsung TV is the peak picture quality. While brighter, Samsung TVs don’t offer the same color contrast and quality as an OLED Sony TV. This is especially true for the “true black” that’s only achieved by each pixel being lit up individually.

While the smart TV operating system used by Samsung is easier to navigate, it has slightly less options available for use than Sony’s. 

Best Samsung TVs

Neo QLED QN85A Series - 4K UHD Quantum HDR 24x Smart TV

One of the highest-quality Samsung TVs available right now is the Neo QLED QN85A Series – 4K UHD Quantum HDR 24x Smart TV. With the best picture quality available from the company and six built-in speakers, this TV is capable of nearly anything a user could want.

Samsung LED Smart FHD TV 1080P

A more affordable option from Samsung is the Samsung LED Smart FHD TV 1080P. While it’s a slightly older model, the price point on such a high-quality TV simply can’t be beat. The connectivity to Wi-Fi and Alexa only adds to the appeal for users looking for a basic TV.

Should you get a Sony or Samsung TV?

Sony TVs provide the best possible picture quality on the market along with a smart TV operating system that goes above and beyond in available options. However, the higher price point and more frequent crashing may sway many buyers.

Samsung TVs are the better option for the average user, with far more affordable prices and an easier to use smart TV system.

As a result, a Samsung TV is a better bang for your buck that’s made for everyone. 


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