Irish sea moss benefits


Known in the Irish language as carrageenan, Irish sea moss grows in Atlantic waters on the west coast of Ireland and the east coast of North America.

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What is Irish sea moss good for?

Irish moss is a type of seaweed that grows in the wild Atlantic waters on the west coast of Ireland. It’s known by foodies and nutrition experts as a superfood due to the nutritional value and benefits it brings.

Irish sea moss is known in Gaelic (the national language of the island of Ireland) as carrageenan. Understanding the components of sea moss and the benefits it can bring to the body tell you exactly why it’s known as a superfood.

What is Irish sea moss?

Irish sea moss is a type of red seaweed found on the west coast of Ireland and the east coast of North America. The moss is harvested after the spring tides in the shallow waters by farmers who use rakes to remove the seaweed off the rocks. The moss is then dried in the sun for up to 2 weeks before it can be consumed.

Traditionally, Irish sea moss was used to treat colds, flu, TB and pneumonia. During the tragic Irish potato famine in the 19th century, the people of Ireland’s west coast turned to Irish sea moss for sustenance. 

The benefits of Irish sea moss

Multiple studies have been conducted into the health benefits of Irish moss. However, before kicking off any new nutritional routine, it’s important to consult a doctor if you suffer from any health conditions. That said, Irish moss has a lot of exciting health benefits that can leave your heart, skin and much more feeling healthier than ever. 

Irish sea moss is good for skin 

Irish moss is rich in omega-3s and vitamin A, which are great for the skin. Moreover, Irish moss contains elements that help the body produce collagen. This collagen helps skin regenerate and repair at a quicker rate, meaning that it can help skin look fresh and fight the signs of aging. 

Irish sea moss is good for the thyroid

Irish moss is high in the chemical element iodine, which is vital for thyroid health. Your thyroid gland is used to aid, moderate and enhance your metabolism and brain health. Irish sea moss also contains multiple forms of iodine as well as riboflavin that contributes to a healthy metabolism. 

Irish sea moss is good for the gut

Irish moss, if eaten, is an excellent source of nutrient-rich fiber. High-fiber diets help maintain bowel health, lower cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels. Irish moss also works like a prebiotic to enhance good bacteria, which keeps your gut happy and healthy. 

Irish moss aids in weight loss

Irish moss helps people lose weight by suppressing appetite. Suppression of appetite and control of blood sugar levels means that the whole weight loss journey can feel more comfortable. 

Irish moss is good for the heart

Irish sea moss provides benefits to the heart and cardiovascular system. This is because it’s rich in omega-3s, which are connected to reducing adverse cardiovascular conditions. This includes cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and blood clotting. 

Irish sea moss is good for the respiratory system

Irish moss contains potassium chloride, which can be kind to the respiratory system. Potassium chloride helps dissolve phlegm and relieves inflammation that can decrease congestion caused by common respiratory infections. It’s also thought to have immune system benefits that can help prevent prevalent infections such as the common cold.

Irish sea moss is a plentiful source of nutrients

Irish moss is known to contain a large number of nutrients that humans need to survive. This is because it typically includes proteins, vitamins and sulfur. This means that for vegans or vegetarians, you can get several essential vitamins and minerals through moss that your diet may be lacking due to a lack of meat.

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True Sea Moss Raw Organic Sea Moss

True Sea Moss Raw Organic Sea Moss

This form of supplement for Irish sea moss is a dried version of the seaweed that can be added to meals or blended into shakes. It’s sourced from clean, freshwater sources and has no extra additives or preservatives.

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Double Wood Supplements Irish Sea Moss Capsules

Double Wood Supplements Irish Sea Moss Capsules

This bottle contains 120 units of vegan-friendly Irish sea moss capsules. The capsules support respiratory health, amongst other things, and provide ample amounts of vitamins A, E and K along with iodine and calcium.

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VitaRaw Organic Irish Sea Moss Capsules

VitaRaw Organic Irish Sea Moss Capsules

Containing nutrient-rich seaweeds such as bladderwrack and burdock root, these capsules help to support thyroid health and immune system functionality with 225 grams of Irish sea moss per capsule.

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