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L-arginine has also been linked to lowering blood pressure, helping with kidney function and hastening wound healing.

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Which L-arginine supplements are best?

Over 80 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease. Arginine, also known as L-arginine, is a naturally occurring supplement that can help with many aspects of heart health. L-arginine can help people with clogged arteries or congestive heart failure by relaxing blood vessels and improving circulation.

L-arginine also has been linked to lowering blood pressure, helping with kidney function, and hastening wound healing. For a high-quality, time-released L-arginine supplement, the top choice is Thorne Research Perfusia-SR.

What to know before you buy L-arginine supplements

Who shouldn’t take L-arginine supplements?

L-arginine affects circulation by relaxing blood vessels. Having a deficiency in L-arginine is rare, but a supplemental dose of the amino acid can be helpful for some conditions. However, anyone taking blood pressure medication, anticoagulants, heart medication, treatment for diabetes or erectile dysfunction pills, pregnant women and asthmatics should consult their doctor first before using L-arginine supplements.

What are the side effects of L-arginine supplements?

While clinical tests show that users can take L-arginine safely for up to three months, you should be aware of some minor side effects. Diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain and gout have been reported by some users. Asthma patients should be aware that L-arginine could make breathing more difficult. Side effects from using L-arginine long-term have not been studied.

What do L-arginine supplements taste like?

In general, L-arginine tastes quite bitter due to its alkaline nature. You may want to consider mixing the powdered form of L-arginine with other liquids to mask the taste. Some L-arginine products are flavored.

What to look for in a quality L-arginine supplement

Powder vs. capsule

Whether you choose powder or capsule, you will still be getting the same amount of L-arginine. There are some benefits to powder worth noting. It is slightly more cost-effective and requires just one dose daily. You can mix the powder form with other liquids and ingredients. The powder is also more quickly absorbed by the body, so the effects are felt more quickly. Pills are still a viable option for many because of their portability, the lack of bitter taste and it’s less messy.


There are three different forms of L-arginine. Freeform L-arginine is most similar to the amino acid that is found naturally in foods.

L-arginine HCL is easier to digest and does not taste bitter because it combines with hydrogen chloride.

L-arginine AAKG is a salt that combines the amino acid with alpha-ketoglutaric acid, which is found in the body and of great interest to bodybuilders who believe it helps with overall athletic output.

No preservatives

Look for L-arginine supplements without artificial preservatives or added sugar. Some L-arginine supplements include additional vitamins and folate for dietary support.

How much you can expect to spend on an L-arginine supplement

Basic unflavored L-arginine pills are available from $6-$10 per monthly supply, but they are not USDA-approved. Higher quality pills and powders are found in the $10-$20 range, while the premium L-arginine supplements that include additional nutritional support and flavor options will run $20 or more.

L-arginine supplement FAQ

Are there other sources of L-arginine?

A. L-arginine occurs naturally in beef, poultry, fish, grain, seeds, nuts and dairy products. Consider increasing your intake of some of these foods if it meets your dietary needs.

Can I take L-arginine if I am taking lysine?

A. Take lysine and L-arginine several hours apart as the two substances negate each others’ effect if taken together.

What are the best L-arginine supplements to buy?

Top L-arginine supplement

Thorne Research Perfusa-SR

Thorne Research Perfusa-SR

What you need to know: This L-arginine supplement has a unique time-release that provides a consistent amino acid level throughout the day.

What you’ll love: The manufacturer supplies supplements to the U.S. National Teams. Significant research studies confirm the product’s positive effect on heart health. It has excellent absorption due to the sustained-release formula.

What you should consider: You will pay more for this product’s unique benefits compared to other products similar to it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

Top L-arginine supplement for the money

NOW Foods Double Strength L-Arginine

NOW Foods Double Strength L-Arginine

What you need to know: Affordable and effective, this L-arginine supplement works as a nitric oxide precursor to dilate blood vessels.

What you’ll love: The product is made in a facility that is certified to be kosher and free of GMOs. The manufacturer has been family-owned for over 50 years, employing high-tech technology and active in charitable causes. 

What you should consider: Some reports of minor heartburn have been reported, and a small percentage of users did not notice any difference.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

Worth checking out

Jarrow Formulas Arginine

Jarrow Formulas Arginine

What you need to know: This trusted brand of L-arginine supplement uses the highest grade ingredients in its production.

What you’ll love: Formulated for exceptional absorption, this L-arginine supplement has no fillers or dyes and has been certified 99% pure. It supports heart and kidney health.

What you should consider: Single bottles are not available for purchase on all online retailers where only two-bottle packs are sold.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb


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