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Which embossed rolling pin is best?

One of the most essential pieces of baking equipment is a good rolling pin, but if you want to step up your plating game when baking, you should use an embossed rolling pin. Embossed rolling pins are an excellent way to add an exciting splash without affecting your food’s finished bake.

The best embossed rolling pin is the EVERMARKET Paisley Embossed Wooden Rolling Pin – Christmas Snowflake Flower Pattern. This embossed rolling pin’s design is unique enough to be perfect outside the holidays as well as during the holidays.

What to know before you buy an embossed rolling pin


The vast majority of embossed rolling pins use various types of wood for two key reasons. The first is that it’s much easier to emboss wooden rolling pins. The second is that it generally looks better than other materials as embossed rolling pins are commonly used as kitchen decoration instead of baking.


Like any rolling pin, embossed rolling pins have two key measurements: their length and diameter.

  • Length: Embossed rolling pins have two lengths, which are the barrel length and total length. The barrel length is generally more important as this is the area that will be pressing the dough. However, the total length might be too long for certain kitchen spaces, so it’s wise to consider this if you have a small kitchen.
  • Diameter: Diameter is a little more critical to embossed rolling pins than standard rolling pins. The diameters of embossed rolling pins affect how many design revolutions will be spread over your dough. If you’re trying to make small cookies, you’ll want a small diameter, while a pie crust might be better served by a large diameter, for example.

What to look for in a quality embossed rolling pin

Handle type

Most embossed rolling pins have standard rolling pin handles, which look like bike handles though some embossed rolling pins have handles that mimic rolling paintbrushes. Almost no embossed rolling pins use the french-style, meaning it’s one piece and tapers at the ends instead of having individual handles. 


The weight of an embossed rolling pin affects how hard you have to push down to get the design to print. Heavier embossed rolling pins will do some of the work for you, while lighter embossed rolling pins are easier to maneuver.


Embossed rolling pins are typically used to press designs into cookies, with many embossed rolling pins including lines in their designs to make cutting them out easier. You can use embossed rolling pins to make anything you desire, like pasta, where the designs can help to stick more sauce to the noodles.

How much you can expect to spend on an embossed rolling pin

Embossed rolling pins are surprisingly affordable, given their unique designs. Most embossed rolling pins cost between $10-$30 though especially complex designs or better materials can cause the cost to exceed this range.

Embossed rolling pin FAQ

What’s the best way to clean an embossed rolling pin?

A. Embossed rolling pins are a little more difficult to clean than a regular rolling pin. Your first step should be to scrape out all remnants of dough from the grooves of the design. After this, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth before thoroughly drying, again making sure no moisture is left in the design’s grooves. If it’s especially dirty, you can wash it in the sink with warm water and a little soap, but you must ensure no moisture remains after you’ve done this.

Can you use an embossed rolling pin from start to finish of the baking process?

A. No. Embossed rolling pins are finishers, meaning they should be the last roll across your dough before it’s baked. Using an embossed rolling pin for actual dough rolling can press too much air into dough or shred it into strips, both of which will ruin your recipes.

What’s the best embossed rolling pin to buy?

Top embossed rolling pin 

EVERMARKET Paisley Embossed Wooden Rolling Pin - Christmas Snowflake Flower Pattern

EVERMARKET Paisley Embossed Wooden Rolling Pin – Christmas Snowflake Flower Pattern

What you need to know: A sturdy and well constructed embossed rolling pin with a lovely and complex design perfect for cookies and pie crusts, etc.

What you’ll love: The design is complex enough so that each area of dough can stand out from the others and the design is just generic enough to be used during the entire holiday season as opposed to just Christmas.

What you should consider: The imprinted design can be lost during baking when printed onto thinner doughs and you must wash it thoroughly before use to avoid staining the dough.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top embossed rolling pin for the money

Koogel Christmas Embossed Rolling Pins Set, 2-Piece

Koogel Christmas Embossed Rolling Pins Set, 2-Piece

What you need to know: This set of two embossed rolling pins, one large and one small, makes for an excellent parent and child baking activity.

What you’ll love: The design of these embossed rolling pins is clearly imprinted onto any dough you use, and the lines embossed between the main design make it much easier to align your designs at the start. The different sizes of embossed rolling pins give you more baking options.

What you should consider: The designs on these embossed rolling pins are clearly for Christmas, making them difficult to use outside of the holiday season.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Snow Keychain Hand-Held Christmas Embossed Rolling Pins, 4-Piece

Snow Keychain Hand-Held Christmas Embossed Rolling Pins, 4-Piece

What you need to know: This set of four embossed rolling pins give you many options for the price of one embossed rolling pin.

What you’ll love: Each design is unique from the other embossed rolling pins for a truly varied array of possibilities, plus all four can be used together during a group baking session. You can also purchase the snowflake design separately from the other three designs.

What you should consider: Each embossed rolling pin is small enough to make rolling one design onto a large amount of dough a little tedious.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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