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While most rocks glass is generally small in size, width and height can vary slightly. For those with larger ice cubes for their “on the rocks” drinks, make sure they can fit easily in the glass.

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Which rocks glasses are best?

Although it goes by a few different names, it’s one of the most popular and ubiquitous pieces of glassware. The rocks glass, also known as the old-fashioned glass, lowball, or tumbler, is a small drinking vessel that caters to a variety of beverages and cocktails.

The rocks glass is an essential part of any home bar. This Marquis by Waterford Old Fashion Set is a beautiful, high-quality option for those seeking both aesthetics and functionality. Rocks glasses vary in shape, design, and material, with a variety of options and aspects to consider.

What to know before you buy rocks glasses


A standard rocks glass is low and fairly wide, designed in part to contain ice cubes so as to serve drinks “on the rocks.” It’s a stable glass that is easy to hold, drink from and make cocktails in. It typically contains between 180-300 milliliters of liquid so while it can hold a bit of ice, it’s not ideal for larger drinks with lots of ice and other ingredients. Some simple mixed drinks can be made within the rocks glass, although most cocktails are prepared in a shaker first and then poured in.


Most low balls are made from various forms of glass. Traditional glass is inexpensive, though tends to be thicker since it’s not the most durable material. Crystal is a high-end type of glass that offers both easy-drinking since it can be made thinner than traditional glass, as well as stunning aesthetics. Crystal costs more but can be crafted into unique, stylish designs.

Plastic or acrylic rocks glasses are also available. These cheaper products are often described as “unbreakable” and preferred for use outside, such as at a park or the beach. They are also suitable for users who may not be able to comfortably or safely hold a proper glass. 


Rocks glasses are typically sold in sets of two, four, six, or even eight. Most households are well served by at least four, though depending on the number of people who may use them at any given time, as well as how often the household may host guests, more may be required. You may want to opt for a couple of different sets, with a more basic option for casual use and something higher-quality for special affairs.

What to look for in quality rocks glasses

Shape and design

Rocks glasses may be angular, slightly curved, or engraved with various patterns and designs. These aesthetics tend to come down to personal taste. Crystal options may feature elegant etchings on the outside that reflect light in an eye-catching way. Options vary from the simple to the ornate, with some tumblers designed to appear like they are tilted, while others may be tinted or colored.

Note that those with grooves or etchings on the outside can offer a better grip when holding the glass.


As the rocks glass caters to a variety of drinks, they tend to be the most frequently used glass in a household, which calls for frequent cleaning. While they tend to be easy to clean by hand, most options are safe for the dishwasher. Their design lends themselves to be easily placed in the top rack without jostling or tipping over. Some fading may occur time depending on the quality of the material, the detergent, and the dishwasher itself. 


Rock glass, though widely accommodating, is most often advertised for use with whiskey. As such, some rocks glass sets include a matching whiskey decanter that holds and shows off the liquor. Other sets may include whiskey stones, coasters, stir sticks, or other cocktail and liquor accessories.

How much you can expect to spend on rocks glasses

Expect to pay between $5-$10 per quality rocks glass in a set of four or six. Crystal glasses will cost more, while plastic options can be had for a bit less. 

Rocks glasses FAQ

What drinks can I enjoy in a rocks glass?

A. Rocks glasses are suitable for liquor-based drinks, whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed with soda or juice. Most notably, the glass is made with an old-fashioned in mind, but other cocktails, like the negroni, margarita of black Russian are also suitable. Any number of mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed as well. As it’s such an easy-drinking glass, you can feel free to pour in juice or just water as well.

What other glasses do I need to complete my home bar?

A. Highball glasses are an essential part of any glassware collection as these taller vessels house a variety of cocktails that are too large for the smaller rocks glass, such as the mojito, Bloody Mary, or a Tom Collins. A set of wine glasses are useful, particularly if you’ve different options for bold reds and herbaceous whites. Depending on what other beverages you prefer, a handful of pint glasses for beer, flutes of sparkling wine, or martini glasses may be necessary.

What are the best rocks glasses to buy?

Top rocks glasses

Marquis by Waterford Old Fashion Set

Marquis by Waterford Old Fashion Set

What you need to know: This is an exquisite set of four traditional Old Fashioned glasses made of beautiful and long-lasting fine crystal.

What you’ll love: A set of four rocks glasses with an etched pattern, the crystal offers weight and clarity. They come from a trusted name that offers high-quality glassware.

What you should consider: This set is expensive and are hand-wash only.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot and Wayfair

Top rocks glasses for the money

Mikasa Old Fashioned Glasses

Mikasa Old Fashioned Glasses

What you need to know: This simple yet quality set of thin crystal rocks glasses offer convenience and versatility.

What you’ll love: Rocks glasses cater to a wide range of drinks and cocktails, and the thin rim does not interfere in beverage taste. They are dishwasher safe and are low-cost.

What you should consider: This set lacks patterns or designs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Godinger Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Godinger Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

What you need to know: From a popular glassware brand, this set of acrylic unbreakable glasses are designed to look like crystal glass while offering peace of mind.

What you’ll love: With an etched design, these shatterproof glasses resemble high-quality, crystal glassware. They are made for safe outdoor use and easy cleaning. The set comes in various colors.

What you should consider: They can feel flimsy, and the rim is somewhat rough.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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