Best budget office decor


The best budget office decor won’t break the bank. Instead, it brings lightness, character and warmth to an otherwise uninteresting space.

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Which budget office decor is best?

While you get up for water breaks, bathroom trips and to attend the occasional meeting, the majority of your workday is likely occupied in one space: your office. It only makes sense to turn it into an enjoyable place to spend time. The best budget office decor can modify a dull room into a comfortable oasis. Try a few simple decor tips such as including the elegant FANYUSHOW 19.7-inch Round Mirror. This will add style, reflect light and make the space feel bigger.

What to know before you buy budget office decor

Clarify your budget

It’s easy to want to decorate your office cheaply, but it’s important to get your budget down first. Know what you have to spend and don’t spend a dollar more. Once you have the amount clear, you can look into items you think you may enjoy and calculate what will fit into your predetermined budget. Starting without a plan will cause you to overspend or purchase things you don’t need.

Get the essentials first

Don’t blow your budget on decor items if you haven’t secured all the essentials necessary for your office. There’s no point decking out your walls with art and thrifted sculptures if you don’t have a good desk chair or light source first. Make sure you have all the basics — like pens, furniture and perhaps a printer. A desk is helpful as are bookshelves and chairs. Once you have all of these items in place, find some areas that may benefit from a little more love and attention. 

Start small

Decorating an entire office can be overwhelming. Instead of tackling the whole room, look around and start small. Narrow your efforts and make the most of your budget by choosing a single corner or focal point to ornament. This can help you create a space you truly enjoy without overwhelming you or maxing out your budget on the room as a whole.

What to look for in quality budget office decor

Bring in greenery

Plants are one of the best ways to brighten up a workspace and add appeal. They make a space feel welcoming and calm. Real, living plants improve the air quality and give you something to tend to on the slower moments throughout your day. Artificial plants are best for offices without enough natural light and are ideal for users who prefer a low-maintenance option. They’re also excellent for anyone who doesn’t trust the effectiveness of their green thumb. 

Keep it light

Offices are notoriously small. They easily feel cramped, especially if they don’t have windows or if their only windows are tiny. A great way to add character to your office and make it feel more spacious is to play with light. If you have windows, make sure they let in as much sun as possible by avoiding thick, burdensome drapes. If you are lacking enough natural light, play around with interesting desk lamps or under-cabinet lights. Keep colors bright and furnishings airy to bring a sense of luminosity to your space. 

Balance decor with functionality

Smaller spaces can quickly become swamped with too many decorations. If you’re in a cramped office or have a limited budget, play with functional decor. Instead of purchasing a bulletin board that’s bulky and unsightly, choose something pretty that will add to the aesthetics of your office. Purchase pens that are pretty to look at. Get a desk mat that’s colorful rather than boring. Functional items double as decorations when you stick with your preferred colors and design styles.

Consider thrifting

Thrifting items is a great way to save money and keep to your budget. While it can be tempting to shop around your local department stores and fill your cart with the freshest, coolest decor items, thrifting saves money. You can get your creativity flowing and try some DIY projects when you get things secondhand.

How much you can expect to spend on budget office decor

The cost of decorating an office largely depends on the size of the room and your goals for the space. While you can certainly spend thousands of dollars on an office remodel, you can strategically decorate your desk for any budget.

Budget office decor FAQ

How can you make your office look expensive on a budget?

A. If you want your office to look elegant and expensive, do not over clutter your space. Keep things sleek and invest in timeless items like your desk and chair. Accessorize with integrity and have a cohesive aesthetic.

What are some office necessities?

A. Pens, paper, paper clips, batteries, sticky notes and anything else you use regularly for your job are all necessities for your office. While you may love a large painting or handcrafted sculpture, these are luxury items and should come after you’ve secured the necessities. 

What’s the best budget office decor to buy?

Top budget office decor

FANYUSHOW 19.7-inch Round Mirror

FANYUSHOW 19.7-Inch Round Mirror

What you need to know: If you want to make a small office seem larger and more luxurious, you can’t go wrong with a modern mirror.

What you’ll love: Increase your light and add to the glamour of your office with this circular mirror. Place it on a wall opposite your best light source to make your room seem larger and more welcoming. This mirror has a few size options to help you find the ideal fit for your wall.

What you should consider: Some users reported receiving a shattered mirror while others complained that the frame quality was disappointing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top budget office decor for the money

Cefrank Under-cabinet Light Strip

Cefrank Under-cabinet Light Strip

What you need to know: The main thing you should know about interior design is that you can dramatically convert a space with the right lighting.

What you’ll love: These under-cabinet light strips are a great way to add uniqueness and style to your office. Install them under a cabinet, under your desk or even under shelves to create a desirable atmosphere.

What you should consider: Some users said their light strips stopped working after only a few months of use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LuckyGreenery Artificial Scindapsus aureus

LuckyGreenery Artificial Scindapsus aureus

What you need to know: If you’re hoping to bring some life into your office, there’s no better way to do so than with a plant — even an artificial one if necessary. 

What you’ll love: This artificial Scindapsus aureus plant has evenly colored leaves with a realistic shape. You’ll enjoy the delightful realism and the natural charm it gives your office. Style it in whatever way you prefer, either as a hanging pot or sitting on a shelf.

What you should consider: Disappointed users said their plant came with bent or ripped leaves and some broken stems. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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