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Durable folding tables are often warrantied for between 3-15 years. Depending on how heavily they’re used, more inexpensive plastic and particleboard folding tables may need to be replaced every year.

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Which folding tables are best?

A folding table is an inexpensive and convenient helper. You can quickly set it up for a special event, then fold it and store it away for another time. Whether you need one for tailgating, to add more seating for a holiday dinner, or to gain more flat surface space for work or a hobby, it’s helpful to know which folding tables have the materials and features that best meet your needs.

Our top choice, the National Public Seating BT3000 Series Plastic Top Folding Table, offers sturdy, reliable construction and easy setup at a reasonable price..

What to know before you buy a folding table


Folding tables have a variety of tabletop materials that vary in durability and price.

  • Particleboard folding tables. Pros: These are usually the least expensive and are best for light use and lightweight items. Cons: They’re not very durable and can’t hold very much weight. 
  • Plywood folding tables. Pros: These hold up to heavier use, as they’re more durable and sturdier than particleboard. Cons: Because they’re made from wood, they can splinter and crack.
  • Plastic folding tables. Pros: These are often very affordable, durable, and weather-resistant with easy-clean coatings. Cons: They’re not heat-resistant, so be careful about placing hot foods and items on the tabletop. 
  • Aluminum folding tables. Pros: They’re light and strong, highly durable, weather-resistant and clean up easily. Cons: They’re more expensive and are prone to scratching.


Choosing a folding table size depends on your purpose and how many people you need to seat. Round and square folding tables can usually seat up to 4-6 people. Rectangular folding tables are a better choice if you need seating for larger groups. Depending on size, rectangular folding tables can seat up to 4-10 people.


Standard shapes for folding tables are round, square and rectangular. They are sometimes available in nonstandard shapes, such as half-rounds.

Square and rectangular folding tables can be pushed together to create more seating, expand a work area or serve as buffet or bar tables. Half-round tables can work great against a wall to hold items and offer curved edges. Round folding tables often work best for meals and socializing.

Weight capacity

Look at a folding table’s weight capacity. If you’re planning to use it to hold heavier items, the more weight it can hold, the better. Some hold as much as 500-1,000 pounds.

What to look for in a quality folding table

Frame gauge

Steel frames that support folding table tops have varying gauges. For sufficient strength and durability, check that the folding table you’re considering has at least an 18-gauge steel frame. 


For easier portability, look for a folding table that weighs under 50 pounds. Some come with a built-in carrying handle, which is ideal for tables that are moved often. 

Locking and adjustable legs

Locking legs are a great safety feature that makes a folding table more secure and stable. Some folding tables have adjustable legs to alter the table’s height, usually from 21-32 inches.

How much you can expect to spend on a folding table

The price for a folding table varies widely based on the material and size, but you can generally expect to spend between $40-$100 on average.

Folding table FAQ

Which folding table material is best for outdoor use?

A. Plastic folding tables are typically the best options for picnics, tailgating and other outdoor events because they’re water-resistant, easy to clean and highly portable.

Which folding table is less expensive, wooden or plastic? 

A. Often, plastic tables are usually less expensive than wooden tables. Regardless of tabletop material, stronger tables tend to contain more metal parts and are more expensive. 

How much weight can plastic folding tables hold?

A. Some plastic folding tables can hold as much as 1,000-2,000 pounds. Check the weight capacity for the plastic folding table you’re considering to make sure it can accommodate the weight of the items you’ll need it to hold.

How much space should I allow when setting up multiple folding tables?

A. When setting up multiple folding tables, allow at least 48-60 inches between each table so there’s enough space for people to move around and between them.

What’s the best folding table to buy?

Top folding table

National Public Seating BT3000 Series Plastic Top Folding Table

National Public Seating BT3000 Series Plastic Top Folding Table

What you need to know: This durable folding table offers rugged features at an affordable price and is backed by a 10-year warranty. 

What you’ll love: The tabletop is made of solid plastic and has UV protection. Its 18-gauge steel frame can hold 1,000 pounds, and it’s easy to set up and fold.

What you should consider: With its textured tabletop, it may take more effort to clean.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top folding table for the money

Office Star Resin Multipurpose Folding Table

Office Star Resin Multipurpose Folding Table

What you need to know: This 6-foot rectangular model is a high-quality table with great features for a reasonable price. 

What you’ll love: This table is waterproof, stain-proof and easy to clean. It’s also scratch- and impact-resistant. It comes with a built-in carrying handle, making it easy to move and set up. This table is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor use. 

What you should consider: The weight capacity is 300 pounds, which is less than some other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lifetime Fold in Half Banquet Table

Lifetime Fold in Half Banquet Table

What you need to know: This high-density, polyethylene, 8-foot banquet table has impact-resistant corners for strength and durability.

What you’ll love: It weighs 41.4 pounds, folds easily and has a carrying handle. It holds up to 2,000 pounds and has a limited 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

What you should consider: Its size makes it awkward to move.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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