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Place your laptop in a more natural, comfortable position using an adjustable stand.

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Which adjustable laptop stands are best?

As laptop PCs have become more powerful, many people have opted to use one as their primary computer. While laptops are ideal for travel and work on the go, their compact design can make them uncomfortable to use on a desk or table for extended periods of time. To split the difference between comfort and convenience, you will need an adjustable laptop stand.

The LIFELONG Laptop Stand allows for a great deal of customization when it comes to the angle and height of your computer. Its aluminum construction makes it rugged and stylish enough to serve as a permanent desk fixture, while its compact, folding design makes it easy to travel with.

What to consider before you buy an adjustable laptop stand

Where you use your laptop

Is your laptop perched on your desk at work? Do you do most of your web browser while you lay down in bed? Consider where you use your computer most often, and select a laptop stand that will accommodate your needs and not needlessly clutter up your workflow with cumbersome hinges and shelves you may not make use of.

How you use your laptop

Different adjustable laptop stands are available with features that can accommodate a variety of users. Some people use their laptop as an all-in-one device, utilizing its built-in keyboard and trackpad. Others use their laptop as the main hub of their workstation, keeping it mostly out of sight but plugged into their accessories. Select a laptop stand that will best suit your needs and desk arrangement.

Peripherals and adapters 

For those who keep their laptop connected to external monitors, a mouse, adapters or a keyboard, a stand with a shelf may prove useful in keeping your desk uncluttered. However, those who keep their laptops streamlined may benefit from a minimal stand that allows them to raise their computer or tilt it more comfortably. 

What to look for in a quality adjustable laptop stand

Adjustability options

You may prefer a laptop stand that lets you raise and lower your computer, as well as change the angle of it. This will not only allow you to more comfortably use your device but also gives you added flexibility in accommodating the levels of different tables or desks if you use your computer in multiple locations.


External hard drives, printers, speakers and more can quickly clutter your desk with USB cables and adapters. If you connect your computer to a variety of peripherals and other devices, select a laptop stand that will allow you to achieve tidy, out-of-the-way cable management.

Additional tray

An additional tray on your laptop stand allows you to place external drives, pens, paper or even an external keyboard within arm’s reach. If your desk has room for it and portability is not a deciding factor, an adjustable laptop stand featuring additional shelves and trays can dramatically assist you in organizing your workspace.

Material and stability

Choose a laptop stand that is made of metal, wood or thick, rugged plastic for the best stability and strength. A flimsy, wobbly stand can be frustrating, especially for those who use their laptop’s keyboard for typing.


Whether you’re moving from the office to your home or from one country to another, those who are frequently on the move should choose an adjustable laptop stand that folds up easily for travel. Some models can lay flat while not in use to fit in your bag along with your device.


If aesthetics are key, select a laptop stand that will match the color and design of your computer. Many manufacturers provide options designed to match the finishes available from Apple and other suppliers.

Laptop stand tips

  • Safety is key. Choose a laptop stand that is not only sized appropriately for your device but also provides grip pads on its base, laptop platform or both. This will help prevent your computer from sliding off and keep the stand from moving around your desk while you use it.

  • Sometimes more is better. If you find yourself repeatedly moving or folding and unfolding your laptop stand for use in different areas, consider purchasing another to limit your hassle and remain mobile.

  • Stay cool. Many laptop computers are built to move heat through the machine and out the back or bottom of the device. A laptop stand with a vented base will allow your computer to cool itself as designed.

How much you can expect to spend on an adjustable laptop stand

An adjustable laptop stand will cost between $15-$60, depending on the material and included features.

Adjustable laptop stand FAQ

Are there adjustable laptop stands with built-in cooling fans?

A. Yes. Laptop computer manufacturers build their machines with the ability to keep cool under normal working conditions. However, for those who work in especially hot conditions outdoors or in warehouse environments, a laptop stand with built-in fans may prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Will a laptop stand power my computer?

A. Laptop stands are generally minimal accessories meant to allow you to bring your computer to a more comfortable position. As a result, they do not typically include power options or charging ports.

Are there permanent laptop stands?

A. Some laptop stands are designed to be a permanent fixture on your desk or table, while others can fold up or even lay completely flat to make them easy to pack in a bag or suitcase. Permanent stands are often marketed to users who use standing desks and need to raise or lower their computer as they move from sitting to standing.

What’s the best adjustable laptop stand to buy?

Top adjustable laptop stand

LIFELONG Laptop Stand

LIFELONG Laptop Stand

What you need to know: This high-quality, aluminum laptop stand allows you to adjust both its height and angle.

What you’ll love: This stand’s modern design and aluminum construction make it a fitting companion for today’s high-end laptop computers. It allows you to raise your laptop almost 20 inches off of your desk or table and can also be used as a tablet stand. It folds into a compact size for transport.

What you should consider: The metal prongs that keep your laptop in the stand are slightly oversized and can make typing using the computer’s keyboard challenging for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top adjustable laptop stand for the money

Adjustable Aluminum Foldable Portable Notebook Stand

Adjustable Aluminum Foldable Portable Notebook Stand

What you need to know: This affordable laptop stand is made out of aluminum and folds down discreetly for easy travel.

What you’ll love: This stand allows you to adjust the angle of your laptop no matter where you wish to use it. It includes a bag for travel and folds down for maximum portability.

What you should consider: This stand does not allow for height adjustment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

MOFT Laptop Stand

MOFT Laptop Stand

What you need to know: This unique stand uses a removable adhesive to stick to the back of your computer, so it’s always there when you need it.

What you’ll love: This laptop stand is just as portable as your computer, thanks to its ability to stick to the back of it and lie flat when not needed. It requires no additional storage space or bag.

What you should consider: This can cause some laptops to run too hot.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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