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Index cards used as flash cards have been shown to have a significant effect on one’s ability to recall information, making them one of the best study tools out there.

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Which index card holders are best?

Though it may seem like a simple decision to make, there are many different types of index card holders. Most are familiar with classic designs, like the Advantus Stackable Flip Top Index Card Holder, which is just one of many types to pick from. 

Whether you are a student, parent, teacher or just looking to stay organized, there are many factors to look out for when considering which index card holder is best for you.

What to know before you buy an index card holder


The type of index card holder that is best for you largely depends on how often you need to access it. Will you be looking at them every day or only a couple times a year? Index cards that need to be viewed often might be better fit for a different type of holder than ones that are used more infrequently. 

Index card size

Most index cards will display what size they are, Most are usually 3×5 inches, but can sometimes be 4×6 inches or even 5×8 inches. Make sure to double check what size cards you have and make sure the holder you pick can fit them!


If you plan to have your index cards stored where other people see them out on display, you may want them to look nice, and there’s nothing wrong with that! There are many index card holders that do a great job keeping your index cards both organized and presentable looking. 

Other things to consider

  • How many index cards you have. Some index card holders are made to hold 300 or more cards, while others can hold about 100. 
  • How often you’ll need to transport your index cards, if at all. Most types of index card holders are easily transportable and are good for frequent travel, especially for students and teachers. However, there are some that might be more inconvenient to travel with.

What to look for in a quality index card holder


Index card holders can be made of materials like cardboard, plastic, wood or even metal. Plastic cases can be good for quick access and frequent use, though they tend to be less durable. Wooden and metal cases can be heavier and are a bit more clunky, but they are great for long-term storage. 


Most index card holders will tell you how many cards they can hold, which can be important to note if you plan on storing a large amount. Dimensions are also important to pay attention to in order to ensure that whatever size index card you have will fit inside.


How you might want your index cards displayed is largely influenced by what you’ll be using them for. You could store index cards on a ring or put them in a binder, which are good for quick access to information, or alphabetized in a box if they are used less frequently. 

How much you can expect to spend on an index card holder

Most plastic-based index card holders can be gotten quite cheap, about $5-$12. Metal or wood index card holders could be a little more expensive, usually no more than $20.

Index card holder FAQ

Are index card holders good for travel?

A. Because index cards are so small, most holders are light, compact and easy to travel with. Index card binders are perfect for storing in backpacks.

What else can I use an index card holder for?

A. Index card holders can make great long-term storage for things like recipe cards, photos, coupons, flower seeds and business cards. 

Will dividers bought separately fit the plastic box index card holder I got?

A. Some dividers, if sold separately from the index card holder, might be too tall for the case to close without them brushing up against each other. There are several holders you can find that come with dividers, ensuring that they will fit fully inside. 

What is the best index card holder to buy?

Best index card holder

Index card holder with poly card guides A-Z

Index card holder with poly card guides A-Z

What you need to know: This black, plastic box comfortably fits 300 index cards and comes with multicolored dividers for keeping cards alphabetized. 

What you’ll love: The easy-to-access box makes it great for frequent use or for long-term storage, and its thick, sturdy dividers are great for keeping cards organized. It’s small and compact, so it’s great for traveling.

What you should consider: It is advertised to fit 3×5 inch index cards, so if you have 4×6 inch cards, the fit may be a little too tight.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best index card holder for the money

Advantus Stackable Flip Top 3 x 5 Index Card Holder

Advantus Stackable Flip Top 3 x 5 Index Card Holder

What you need to know: For only $4, this plastic index card holder has a simple, stackable design and has built-in ridges to keep the index cards standing. 

What you’ll love: It comes in three different sizes, able to hold cards sized 3×5, 4×6 and 5×8. Because the design is so simple, this index card holder can hold anything from recipe cards to flower seed packets and are easily customizable.

What you should consider: There have been mixed reviews in regards to how sturdy the plastic is. Some say the case has difficulty standing upright if it’s open without many cards inside.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Oxford Index Card Binders

Oxford Index Card Binders

What you need to know: These mini-binders are quite compact, making them great for travel and perfect for storing either in a backpack or on a shelf.

What you’ll love: A pack of 50 index cards is included to help you get started, along with two tab dividers. The binder has an interior pocket that’s handy for storing a receipt, coupon or note.

What you should consider: Some reviews claim that the rings in the binder don’t line up properly with certain index cards.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Staples


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