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Mouse pads tend to range between 2-5 millimeters thick, with some more suitable for certain environments than others.

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Which large mouse pads are best?

Large mouse pads are a great pick for many PC users, especially gamers, offering more space to roam with the mouse than the standard mouse pad. Some mouse pads come with high-precision tracking, comfortable wrist rests or other features. However, when choosing a large mouse pad, the most important thing to consider is how much desktop real estate you have. If it’s too large for your work area, it will flop over the edge, which could affect how well the mouse glides over it.

For the average buyer, the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Large Mouse Pad is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and responsive mouse pads available, and it comes with an extra-wide size for maximum room.

What to know before you buy a large mouse pad


In most cases, the best mouse pads are simply those that fulfill your needs the most. For example, if you’re looking for a large mouse pad for gaming, you may end up with a different product than if you were looking to buy a bulk pack of large office mouse pads – with a wide range of options in between.

Mouse pad edging

Mouse pads are fairly likely to wear out on the edges, which is why many brands elect to use anti-fray stitching that adds extra years of life. Strong edging is commonly sought after by those into PC gaming, video and photo editing or other long-term, high-use tasks since they’re more likely to wear through mouse pads at a high rate.

Mouse pad backing

Most mouse pads include some sort of rubberized, nonslip backing, although the cheapest models sometimes can be less effective than those designed for gaming or high-precision computer tasks.

What to look for in a quality large mouse pad


Those looking to buy a large mouse pad can usually find them advertising their dimensions lying flat on a desktop, with the average rectangular mouse pad being about 8-by-9 inches.

Preferred thickness

A mouse pad’s base thickness affects your experience when using it as well as how well it works on the surface on which you’re using it. While mouse pad thicknesses tend to range from 2-5 millimeters thick, both thick and thin mouse pads have their benefits. Thinner mouse pads tend to feel less likely to slip, since they bring the mouse closer to the actual surface they are on, while thicker mouse pads tend to work better on uneven desktops and other irregular surfaces.

High-precision tracking or other design options

While some users may look for a large mouse pad with a specific design, color or look, mouse pads also may include surfaces made for high-precision tracking with an optical mouse, or other visual surface features for enhancing the user’s experience.

How much you can expect to spend on a large mouse pad

Mouse pads are one of the more affordable items for a computer setup, compared to the computer’s hardware itself. Basic large mouse pads may cost as little as $6-$8, while others with more features or in bulk packs may range from $15-$40.

Large mouse pad FAQ

What size is a large mouse pad?

A. Large mouse pads come in a range of sizes and shapes, although they’re larger than the average 8-by-9-inch mouse pad.

How do you clean a large mouse pad?

A. Depending on what kind of mouse pad you have, the answer may vary, but you can clean most models with wet wipes, a small amount of soap and water, a little bit of rubbing alcohol and/or a microfiber cloth.

What’s the best large mouse pad to buy?

Top large mouse pad

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mouse Mat Large Mouse Pad

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mouse Mat Large Mouse Pad

What you need to know: Those looking for a large mouse pad that’s particularly wide will love this mouse mat from Razer, with the added feature of a programmable RGB outline.

What you’ll love: The mouse pad has a wide surface that’s great for gaming or other mouse-intensive activities such as graphic design, photo or video editing. The surface is built with PC gaming in mind, and it includes a nonslip rubber base that’s sturdy and stays in one spot.

What you should consider: This mouse pad’s extended size affects only the width.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top large mouse pad for the money

Hsmienk 14.9 by 11.7-Inch Textured Gaming Mat Large Mouse Pad With Nonslip Base

Hsmienk 14.9 by 11.7-Inch Textured Gaming Mat Large Mouse Pad With Nonslip Base

What you need to know: This mouse pad is a great larger size at a fair price, featuring a simple, black look and a comfortable, durable surface.

What you’ll love: The price is great if you’re budgeting. It has a 2.5-millimeter thickness for a lightweight, economy-level mouse pad option.

What you should consider: This large mouse pad only comes in black, so it shows any lint, dust and animal fur that sticks to it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

HyperX FURY S Speed Edition Pro Gaming Mouse Mat Cloth Large Mouse Pad

HyperX FURY S Speed Edition Pro Gaming Mouse Mat Cloth Large Mouse Pad

What you need to know: For those considering an upgrade pick, this HyperX mouse pad offers an extra-wide design, and anti-fray edges.

What you’ll love: The speed edition of the FURY S is made for hyper-precise mouse tracking and is particularly useful for PC gamers and others in need of optimal responsiveness. It’s offered in multiple sizes if the extra-large configuration is too big for your desk or PC space.

What you should consider: Some users didn’t like the nonslip backing on this mouse pad, although many buyers used it beneath other hardware such as laptops and keyboards.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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