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When cleaning your printing calculator, it’s important to remember never to use anything wet because moisture can wreak havoc on a printing calculator’s components if it makes its way inside; use compressed air instead.

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Which printing calculator is best?

You can do nearly all casual or home calculations using a smartphone or even by inputting your calculations directly into a search engine such as Google. For those with occupations such as accountants or business owners, where carefully examining every step in a series of calculations is of paramount importance, there can be no better device than a printing calculator.

The best printing calculator is the Sharp Heavy-Duty Color Printing Calculator. One of the best-known brands in calculators strikes again with its top-of-the-line offering that includes a high-quality screen and antimicrobial surfaces wrapped up in a highly durable body.

What to know before you buy a printing calculator

Computational functions

Not all printing calculators include the same types of computational functions, with many models targeting specific functions common for specific job needs. If you already know what functions you need, you can select a printing calculator that includes them all; if you aren’t sure what functions you need, do some more research before pulling the trigger on a new printing calculator.

Paper types

  • Enclosed roll: Enclosed rolls have the benefit of being encased within the body of the printing calculator; this means the various pieces and parts of the printing portion of the calculator are much less likely to be damaged or covered in dust. This does raise the cost and the size of the printing calculator.
  • External roll: This is the most common paper type in printing calculators. External rolls lower the cost of the printing calculator but if they aren’t used regularly or properly maintained, they are more prone to damage and dust.
  • Thermal roll: Thermal paper printing calculators have a larger and more extreme list of pros and cons. Thermal paper requires no ink (meaning one less recurring cost), generates less noise and is capable of faster printing. However, the thermal paper itself is more expensive and is more likely to be improperly installed. The printed content fades quicker and the machine that uses the paper costs significantly more.

What to look for in a quality printing calculator

Power options

Nearly all printing calculators are powered via an AC adapter, which you plug into a wall outlet; although some options are battery operated or feature a battery and an AC power option. Battery-operated printing calculators tend to chew through batteries so keep that in mind when selecting a printing calculator.

Antimicrobial surface

Some of the midrange and up printing calculators apply a specialized antimicrobial coating to the surface of the body and keys. This coating serves to resist any bacterial growth, which can prevent odd odors and discoloration. It isn’t fully necessary, although it is helpful, if you regularly maintain your printing calculator.

How much you can expect to spend on a printing calculator

Printing calculators that cost less than $25 might not be worthwhile because this level of printing calculators generally is too basic to be helpful to most occupations. If that’s you, then consider looking for a printing calculator in the $25-$50 range as nearly all of these options include any feature you might need. On the off chance they don’t, you can check the high-end printing calculators with costs that exceed $60.

Printing calculator FAQ

What specifically makes a printing calculator light, medium and heavy-duty?

A. The weight of duty a printing calculator achieves is determined by how quickly it prints, not its construction. The lightest duty printing calculators can only print at speeds of one or two lines per second, while medium-duty offerings can reach three or four lines per second. Any printing calculator with print speeds of five or greater per second is considered heavy-duty.

Why is the two-key rollover feature important to have in a printing calculator?

A. Many people type quickly enough that it’s possible for a second key to be pressed before the previously pressed key has been fully released. Two-key rollover allows a printing calculator to register the order in which each key is pressed, so on those occasions when more than one key is being pressed concurrently, there are no errors in the calculation. Typically, all high-end printing calculators include the feature, with some midrange printing calculators also featuring it.

What’s the best printing calculator to buy?

Top printing calculator

Sharp Heavy-Duty Color Printing Calculator

Sharp Heavy-Duty Color Printing Calculator

What you need to know: An excellent printing calculator from a top brand, it has plenty of features at a reasonable price.

What you’ll love: The body of the printing calculator rests firmly on a flat surface without wobbling.

What you should consider: The paper holder does not support the spool as tightly as many would prefer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top printing calculator for the money

Casio HR-10RC Printing Calculator

Casio HR-10RC Printing Calculator

What you need to know: A compact printing calculator, it is best suited to those without the same needs as an accountant.

What you’ll love: This printing calculator is capable of commuting taxes and currency exchange rates.

What you should consider: The keys are too small and pressed together for anyone with larger-than-average fingers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Victor 1310 Big Print Commercial Printing Calculator

Victor 1310 Big Print Commercial Printing Calculator

What you need to know: If you have trouble reading small print, this jumbo-sized printing calculator will be much better suited for your eyes.

What you’ll love: The exact size increase is 150% the size of a standard printing calculator.

What you should consider: You need to plug this printing calculator into a wall outlet to function.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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