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If you want to add a personal flair when sending a letter or card to others, using a stationery set is an excellent way to go.

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Which stationery sets are best? 

A versatile set of stationery will allow the user to write letters, create art and more for work, school or for personal use. These sets let you add a personal touch to things that you write, hand out or send in the mail. Before purchasing a stationery set, consider what items are included in the set, if the paper and envelopes are customizable and what you will use the stationery for.  

If you are looking for a hand-crafted, extensive stationery set that features multiple pieces and is able to be fully customized, the Lama Works Sophisticated Letter Writing Stationery Set is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a stationery set 


Before purchasing a stationery set, consider the elements needed to create whatever you plan to use the stationery for. Common stationery items include letters, sealing stickers and paper. Those meant for office or classroom use will likely include pens, pencils and other writing utensils. The items that are contained in the set will either be shown in the photos on the website or will be listed in the description. 


Some stationery sets are sold with the option of customization. If you prefer to add a personal flair to your stationery before you use it to send a letter or card to others, consider buying from a brand that allows you to choose the colors, design and words that are featured on the stationery. Stationery that can be customized is typically for personal letter usage but can also be used in the classroom and office. 


Before purchasing a stationery set, consider how you plan to use the stationery. Stationery is commonly used to send letters, thank-you notes, invitations or personal notes. If you plan to use the stationery set to send out invitations, it is important to make sure that the items of the set match and that the paper is small enough to leave a brief message to those being invited or thanked. If you plan to send a lengthy letter to a friend, consider items that come with larger paper. 

What to look for in a quality stationery set


A quality stationery set will come with a matching storage container that allows the user to store all of the components in one place. Look for a storage container with separate compartments that allow you to organize your items. 


If it is not customizable, the design of the paper, envelopes and other stationery items should be available in multiple color and style options. Items that give options for design and color allow the user to coordinate the stationery for specific events and purposes. 


Any stationery, regardless of where the user plans to use it, should be durable. Items used in the classroom and the office will need to be durable enough to keep up with all the work and writing projects that are done, and personal stationery will need to be durable enough to send through the mail without the items being damaged during transport. 

How much you can expect to spend on a stationery set

The best stationery sets will be priced anywhere from $10 to $30 depending on the contents of the set, the design and the materials used. A set that features a multitude of durably made items will be priced higher. 

Stationery set FAQ

What are some stationery items that could be included in a set meant for the classroom? 

A. Most stationery sets will often feature paper, envelopes and sealing stickers. Stationery sets meant for children to use in the classroom will likely feature hands-on stationery objects such as paper, pencils, highlighters, correction fluid, pens, a stapler and more. Stationery items meant for school or office use are often more extensive than stationery used for personal use. 

Does stationery come with stamps? 

A. Sealing stickers that come with most stationery kits are not to be confused with stamps. Those looking to mail a letter written on stationery can use the stickers provided in the set to securely close the envelope but will need to buy separate stamps when sending the item through the mail. 

What are the best stationery sets to buy?

Top stationery set

Lama Works Sophisticated Letter Writing Stationery Set 

Lama Works Sophisticated Letter Writing Stationery Set 

What you need to know: This stationery set is specifically for writing letters and features various letter writing sheets and matching envelopes. 

What you’ll love: The stationery is designed by hand, and the paper is durable and sturdy. It is customizable so that the user is able to choose which design they want to be featured and if they want any words to appear on the paper. The item can be made in many different colors, and matching gift wrap bows can be purchased with this set to personalize your stationery. 

What you should consider: This set does not come with wax stamps or a pen, though these items are shown in the picture next to the stationery paper. 

Where to buy: Etsy

Top stationery set for the money

Buyorbuy Vintage Stationery Paper and Envelopes

Buyorbuy Vintage Stationery Paper and Envelopes

What you need to know: This item comes with paper, envelopes, vintage hemp ropes, mini keys and sealing stickers. The paper has been aged to look vintage. 

What you’ll love: The letters are made with durable craft paper and are large enough for personal letters, business purposes or any type of invitation. With the hemp ropes and other stationery accessories, users can tie up the letters like scrolls and include the item in a package or use the keys and seal stickers to send letters through the mail. 

What you should consider: This item takes a long time to ship, and the paper is often smaller than users expect. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Hallmark Stationery Set With Desk Organizer

Hallmark Stationery Set With Desk Organizer 

What you need to know: This stationery set includes index cards, patterned paper of various sizes and designs, envelopes and sealing stickers. 

What you’ll love: The different sizes of paper allow the user to send anything from detailed letters to short thank-you notes. The paper is sourced sustainably from well-managed forests, and the set comes in an organizer to place on your desk. 

What you should consider: Though the stationery paper comes in various colors and designs, the envelopes are beige and only come in one color option. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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