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Which ‘Frozen’ shoe for kids is best?

“Frozen” shoes come in a wide variety of styles for various occasions and types of weather. It can be daunting choosing the right “Frozen” shoe for young kids because some children can be very picky about design, especially when it comes to their favorite characters. However, sometimes a few bells and whistles, such as sparkly laces and lights, can sway them. Our top choice for that is Disney’s “Frozen 2” Anna & Elsa Toddler Light-Up Sneakers.

What to know before you buy ‘Frozen’ shoes for kids

Other than shoes

Retailers carry a variety of footwear that features characters from the “Frozen” movies. Expect to see boots, sandals and slippers grouped into the shoe selection.

Shoe styles 

Top “Frozen” shoe styles include sneakers, high-tops, slip-ons and heels. Focus on comfort and how easy the shoes are to put on and take off. Shoe decorations are another factor to consider. Glitter and light-up shoes are two of the most popular options for “Frozen” children’s shoe decorations.

Finding the accurate shoe size

It is always best to measure a child’s foot before purchasing new shoes.

Here are a few easy steps to determine if “Frozen” shoes will fit properly: 

  1. Have the child stand up with both shoes on then measure the width and length.
  2. Make sure the shoe fits the child’s foot shape by feeling for any pressure against the widest parts of their feet.
  3. Ask the child if the shoe fits snug and comfortable all the way around and does not pinch or irritate them.
  4. Make sure the child’s toes have enough room to wiggle around but not so much room for their feet to slide forward.

What to look for in a quality ‘Frozen’ shoe for kids


Toddler shoes are designed for feet that grow quickly and kids who are mastering walking. Many “Frozen” toddler shoes have adjustable closures such as hook-and-loop straps to accommodate growing feet. It is also possible to purchase slip-on shoes for toddlers that feature favorite “Frozen” characters


As with any shoe, look for quality material. Children grow quickly, so they may not wear the shoes for long; however, playing children can be rough on shoes, wearing them out quicker than you’d think. Some character shoes have puffy plastic images to enhance decoration on the shoes’ outsides. These tend to get damaged rather easily, especially if they are not adhered well to the shoe itself. Make sure anything attached to the shoe is solidly on there.

How much you can expect to spend on ‘Frozen’ shoes for kids

Expect to spend $20-$45 on a pair of “Frozen” shoes, depending on style and designer.

‘Frozen’ shoe for kids FAQ

What are signs that a child’s shoes are too big or too small? 

A. A child’s shoes may be too big if:

  • When they walk, the heels of their shoes lift out.
  • Their ankles are frequently twisted or they trip a lot.
  • They have difficulty walking.
  • Their feet drag.
  • Blisters form on their feet.

You can tell a child’s shoes are too small if:

  • They cause blisters or cut deeply into the skin.
  • Toes become trapped between the shoe and the foot. Toe boxes should have enough space in them for your thumb to press down without contacting a toe.
  • It appears that the child is less active. When they don’t want to play outside as often, it could indicate they are uncomfortable with their outgrown shoes.
  • You hear them complain about their feet hurting.

What shoe closure is best?

A. Since kids’ feet sizes change so quickly, adjustable shoe closures are best. The top choices for adjustable “Frozen” shoe closures are laces and hook-and-loop closures.

What’s the best ‘Frozen’ shoe for kids to buy?

Top ‘Frozen’ shoe for kids

Disney's "Frozen" 2 Anna & Elsa Toddler Light-Up Sneakers

Disney’s “Frozen” 2 Anna & Elsa Toddler Light-Up Sneakers

What you need to know: These light-up sneakers with Elsa and Anna graphics from the “Frozen 2” movie are durable and a good value.  

What you’ll love: The hook-and loop closures make the shoes easier to put on and take off, and offer an adjustable fit for growing feet.

What you should consider: The light-up feature will wear out on this type of shoe.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s

Top ‘Frozen’ shoe for kids for the money

Toddler Disney "Frozen" Grand Court Stay-Put Closure Casual Sneakers

Toddler Disney “Frozen” Grand Court Stay-Put Closure Casual Sneakers

What you need to know: A classic Adidas sneaker, it has iconic three blue stripes and a fun “Frozen” vibe, featuring an Olaf cartoon and snowflakes.

What you’ll love: These are comfortable everyday shoes with great traction from the rubber outsoles and adjustable closures.

What you should consider: The primarily white shoe design will need to be wiped clean frequently.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Worth checking out

"Frozen" 2 Anna and Elsa Toddler Sneaker

“Frozen” 2 Anna and Elsa Toddler Sneaker

What you need to know: Glittery high-top sneakers with an overlay of Elsa and Anna, they are designed for all-day wear.

What you’ll love: The laces and hook-and-loop closure make this high-top sneaker easier to put on compared to other high-tops for children.

What you should consider: Returns are not accepted in-store; they must be mailed back.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s


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