These Crocs are giving major Carmy vibes

Person wearing Crocs with colorful socks

If watching “The Bear” inspired you to spend more time in the kitchen, you need the right footwear to do it. Crocs may be beloved by irony-loving Gen Z-ers, but they’re also some of the best shoes you can wear in the kitchen due to their water- and stain-proof materials and slip-resistant soles. Plus, they’re comfortable as heck.

Person wearing navy blue Crocs

And if you loved “The Bear,” you’ll love this new collab between Crocs and culinary apparel brand Hedley & Bennett, which features Crocs and accessories inspired by the hit show. It isn’t an official partnership with “The Bear,” but it still features colors and motifs from the series that give Carmy vibes fans will love.

The limited-edition capsule features two pairs of Crocs and some accessories to go with them. And all of these pieces will make you want to say, “Yes, chef!”

Hedley & Bennett x Crocs collab products inspired by ‘The Bear’

Best Hedley & Bennett Bone Crocs Clog and Jibbitz

Hedley & Bennett Bone Crocs Clog and Jibbitz

These slip-resistant clogs come in an off-white bone hue. They feature the heavier-duty treads that come with Crocs’ Crocs at Work Collection, so you can have extra traction even on the most slippery kitchen floors. They also have a unique adjustable back strap to fit securely. This pair comes with all the Jibbitz from the limited-edition release featuring scenes from “The Bear.”

Best Hedley & Bennett Deep Navy Crocs Bistro Clog

Hedley & Bennett Deep Navy Crocs Bistro Clog

These Crocs are the more classic release in this collaboration. They’re designed in a deep navy blue (which also happens to be Carmy’s favorite color). The thick, enclosed-toe design helps keep your feet protected from drops and spills, while the pivotable backstrap keeps them secure on your feet, allowing them to be worn multiple ways for all-day comfort. These Crocs were designed with the help of real food service workers, with their needs in mind.

Best Hedley & Bennett x Crocs 5-Pack of Jibbitz

Hedley & Bennett x Crocs 5-Pack of Jibbitz

If you already have a favorite pair of Crocs and you just want to dress them up in “The Bear” style, these Jibbitz are for you. There are five included in the pack, featuring nods to the award-winning FX series, like “Yes, chef,” a blue apron and a deli cup.

Best Hedley & Bennett Essential Apron

Hedley & Bennett Essential Apron

The Hedley & Bennett Essential Apron is legendary for a reason: It’s versatile, virtually indestructible (with a lifetime guarantee to back that up) and comes in just about every color under the sun, so you can express yourself, whether you work in a professional kitchen or just like to cook at home. You can get one in Carmy’s favorite deep navy blue or your favorite color, whatever it may be.

Best Hedley & Bennett Crossback Apron

Hedley & Bennett Crossback Apron

The Crossback Apron is all about simplicity. It’s rugged yet stylish. It’s tough. It has the same lifetime guarantee as the Essential Apron. And thanks to its crossed strap design, it takes the pressure off your neck while you cook — great for chefs and home cooks who spend long hours in the kitchen.

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