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Which Toy Story Crocs are best?

Crocs and Toy Story have a few things in common: they both have a playful and cute design, they have a decades-long reputation of quality and they are universally adored by children and adults alike. It only made sense for the two brands to collaborate and make Toy Story-inspired Crocs. But with a few options available, it’s worth exploring which one is the best one. 

A top pick is the Crocs Kids’ Fun Lab Toy Story 4 Light Up Clog. This classic Crocs design is updated to feature the two most iconic characters from Toy Story: Woody and Buzz.

What to know before you buy Toy Story Crocs

For children’s sizes only

Unfortunately, as fun as it would be to wear Toy Story themed Crocs as an adult, the only sizes available are Toy Story Crocs for toddlers and little kids. However, if you have small feet, you may be able to pick a little kid size. 

The story of Toy Story

“Toy Story” was originally made by Pixar Animation Studios and released in 1995 by Walt Disney Pictures. The story follows a group of toys that have come to life and stars Woody, a drawstring cowboy toy, and Buzz, a space hero action figure. Woody and Buzz ultimately compete for the love and attention of their owner, Andy. Once Woody and Buzz become separated from Andy, they must work together to find him again. The animated film became an overnight hit and has become an influential film in the history of animations. It has spawned numerous sequels, TV shows, Toy Story toys, video games and theme park rides.

The Crocs design

Crocs feature a unique footwear design. They are made of foam and resemble a clog but with holes in the upper, giving the wearer more breathability. Crocs are great for slipping on to do chores or for wearing to school or work. In fact one of their biggest appeals is their versatility. Since selling their first shoe in 2002, the company has sold over 70 million pairs of Crocs. 

What to look for in a quality Toy Story Croc

Official branding/licensing

There are a million rip-offs of Crocs and a million more Toy Story knockoffs. When buying a Toy Story Croc, don’t settle for replicas or anything less than officially branded or licensed. While the Crocs design is easily imitated, nobody provides the level of quality control that the Crocs company does. Similarly, Toy Story features iconic characters with specific designs. While some may try to produce cartoons with cowboy or astronaut imagery, it just doesn’t resonate the way that the real Toy Story designs do.


Don’t be afraid to use your Crocs as a “beater” shoe. In other words, wear it for your everyday activities, from doing work around the house to going on a beach adventure with your friends. Crocs are able to withstand scrapes and wear and tear with ease, and mud, dirt and sand are easily washed off. 


Crocs resemble a clog with holes and a back tab that can be pushed forward to form a slipper or all the way back to secure the Croc on foot. Despite only having two main pieces to the Croc, they are made with care and attention to detail. Each one is produced in a similar fashion. 


Crocs are made with foam and have ventilation holes in the upper, allowing your feet to breathe easily. Crocs can even be used as shower slippers because of its breathability. However, keep this in mind if you plan on walking outside while it’s raining, as the water can seep to your feet or socks. 

How much you can expect to spend on Toy Story Crocs

Toy Story Crocs start at around $30 for the cheapest pairs. They can go up to $100 if they are out of production or if they are rare/big sizes.

Toy Story Crocs FAQ

Are Crocs waterproof?

A. Yes, they are. While they do have holes and will let water in, the material and construction of the shoe itself is waterproof, making it ideal for use in the shower or at the beach. 

What are gibbets?

A. Gibbets are like pins that connect to the holed area of the Crocs. They can feature characters from your favorite show, a dessert, a flower or some other object. 

What are the best Toy Story Crocs to buy?

Top Toy Story Crocs

Crocs Kids' Fun Lab Toy Story 4 Light Up Clog

Crocs Kids’ Fun Lab Toy Story 4 Light Up Clog

What you need to know: This Croc features a colorful Woody and Buzz on each clog.

What you’ll love: Having both Buzz and Woody featured on your Crocs make it the ideal Crocs choice.

What you should consider: These Toy Story Crocs for toddlers or little kids don’t have any holes, giving it less breathability than the original design. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top Toy Story Crocs for the money

Crocs Boys' CC Woody & Buzz Clog 

Crocs Boys’ CC Woody & Buzz Clog 

What you need to know: These Crocs clogs have some ventilation and feature Woody tipping his hat.

What you’ll love: These Crocs have a playful purple and green combination, making it a nostalgic colorway for Toy Story fans.

What you should consider: These clogs have holes but only by the sole. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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