The best Adidas soccer cleats for women


The earliest reported soccer cleats were used by Henry VIII all the way back in 1526.

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Which Adidas soccer cleats for women are best?

Whether you’re preparing for your first-ever soccer season or you’re a veteran who plays year-round, one of the most important purchases you need to make are your cleats. Cleats are especially important in soccer because you not only need traction when playing on grass and other surfaces, but unlike other outdoor sports, your cleats in soccer come in direct contact with the ball. 

You have a lot of options, and there are many different brands of soccer cleats, but Adidas has been a fixture in the sport for decades. They continue to produce top-of-the-line cleats that are comfortable, durable and stylish, such as the Adidas Performance Ace 16.2 FG/AG.

What to know before you buy Adidas soccer cleats for women

Surface type

The type of soccer cleat you want to purchase will depend entirely on the type of surface you plan to plan on. Adidas offers cleats specific for several different types of surfaces. 

  • Firm Ground: This is grass or natural turf. Shoes designed for this surface have longer studs that have the best traction in soil. 
  • Artificial Grass: When playing on synthetic man-made fibers that look like grass, you want shoes that have shorter studs, so they can penetrate the first layer but not get stuck and provide a tripping hazard. 
  • Turf: Unlike artificial grass, turf doesn’t have nearly as much cushion, so not only are the studs on these cleats shorter but the cleats themselves were designed with more cushion. 
  • Indoor: When playing indoor soccer, you want to look for cleats with a rubber sole that better resemble basketball shoes. 

Model type

Adidas has been in business since 1948, and they have grown to become one of the most well-known and trusted brands of women’s soccer cleats. Today, you can choose from multiple styles and models. Pair your preferred model of soccer cleats with women’s soccer socks for the best possible experience.

  • Copa Sense: Adidas designed these women’s soccer cleats with a leather upper to provide flexibility and an outer sole to provide maximum grip. 
  • Gamemode: These Adidas cleats are best known for their colors and design but are both comfortable and firm. 
  • Predator: If you dislike soccer cleats with laces, these are the option for you. These laceless soccer cleats are comfortable and have a tight fit, but they still provide the necessary support. 
  • X: One of the most popular models, these Adidas soccer cleats are lightweight, comfortable and provide excellent ventilation.

What to look for in quality Adidas soccer cleats for women


Arguably, what’s most important when purchasing soccer cleats is how they fit. If your cleats are too loose, it can impact performance and lead to injury. If they are too tight, you can end up hurting your feet. Cleats should be snug and secure, but you should be able to wiggle your toes when wearing them. 


It may not seem like a big deal, but the type of laces on your cleats can impact fit and comfort. Thick shoelaces may dig into the top of your foot, which can impact your dribbling and passing ability. Thin, stretchy laces are preferable. Adidas also makes laceless cleats. 


You can buy Adidas soccer cleats for women that are either stiff and sturdy, such as synthetic cleats, or stretchy and flexible, such as cleats that have knit or leather uppers. It often comes down to comfort level, and if you prefer support over-speed or vice versa. 

How much you can expect to spend on Adidas soccer cleats for women 

Cleat size has a big impact on price, as larger sizes will cost more than smaller sizes or cleats for kids, but on average, you can find quality soccer cleats for women for under $40. The highest quality women’s soccer cleats can cost between $150-$200, but it’s still possible to find great options for under $100.

Adidas soccer cleats for women FAQ

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s cleats?

A. You want to wear the cleats that best fit you, whether they were designed for women or men. Men tend to have wider feet, so men’s cleats tend to also be slightly wider and bigger. 

Do Adidas soccer cleats for women meet the standards for league play?

A. Some leagues have different rules and guidelines, but most Adidas cleats have been designed to comply with standards for stud placement, size and length. It doesn’t hurt to double-check with your league before purchasing. 

What’re the best Adidas soccer cleats for women to buy?

Top Adidas soccer cleats for women

Adidas Performance Ace 16.2 FG/AG

Adidas Performance Ace 16.2 FG/AG

What you need to know: These are stylish, high-level cleats that require almost no time to break in. 

What you’ll love: They are built for comfort and performance, with a prime mesh upper that provides a sock-like fit. More studs can be added to the ball of the shoe for greater control. 

What you should consider: These cleans tend to run a little narrow.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top Adidas soccer cleats for women for the money

Adidas Goletto VI FG

Adidas Goletto VI FG

What you need to know: This is an excellent and durable cleat for a great price. 

What you’ll love: They have a flexible ground outsole, which helps provide added traction when playing on grass, and are made with a rubber sole and a synthetic leather upper. 

What you should consider: Be aware that the triangle-shaped spikes on these cleats tend to be longer than on other shoes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Adidas Performance Ace 17.3 FG

Adidas Performance Ace 17.3 FG

What you need to know: This stylish low-top soccer cleat has deep spikes that provide excellent traction on grass surfaces. 

What you’ll love: The low cut of the shoe allows for complete ankle freedom. They are also waterproof, so your feet will remain dry when playing in wet conditions. 

What you should consider: These are a little more expensive than the average set of cleats. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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