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Most people know ladybugs to be red with black spots, but some are orange, gray or even metallic blue. They not only have spots, but some have stripes, squiggles or no pattern at all.

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Which ladybug toy is best?

Ladybugs are some of the sweetest little creatures you can find. Lucky and lovable, these red and black cuties make the perfect theme for a toy. From soft plush stuffed animals to educational learning toys, you can find one that suits your needs. There are ladybug toys for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and older children. If you’re looking for a ladybug toy that is fun and educational, the Kenley Counting Ladybugs Toy is the one for you.

What to know before you buy a ladybug toy

Type of toy

There are many types of ladybug-themed toys such as cuddly educational activity toys, plush stuffed animals, relaxing pop fidget toys and even dress-up costumes. Pretty ladybug tea sets make for an elegant pretend tea time. Action toys like ladybug yo-yos, trampolines, play tents and ride-on ones make fun options too. With so many from which to choose, you should consider the age and interests of the child to make your decision.

Age appropriateness 

Ladybug toys range from baby toys to ones for older children. While everyone loves ladybugs, some toys may have small parts that are inappropriate for babies. Many ladybug toys are educational, so they teach kids about math, science and other essential skills. Be sure your child’s age matches the skill level required for the toy.

Lifelike features

Ladybug toys range from ones that look exactly like real ladybugs to cute, cartoonish versions. If you’re buying a toy for a budding entomologist, you should choose one that is more lifelike, natural and scientific. However, many children love the less authentic but more adorable kinds of ladybugs with sweet facial features and personalities.

What to look for in a quality ladybug toy

Educational toys 

Many parents love toys that teach kids while they have fun. You can find all sorts of educational toys with ladybug themes. Because ladybugs are tiny, they are ideal for counting. Look for sets that introduce kids to numbers by asking them to count ladybugs. Baby toys with sensory elements like lights, sounds and shape blocks help little ones develop their fine motor skills. There are also ladybug memory games and craft and building sets to get their imaginations going. For future computer scientists, there are even toys that teach basic coding skills. Electronic learning toys are a great choice. For little entomologists, there are toys that have figures of each stage of the life cycle of a ladybug.

Building toys

There are some building toys that allow kids to construct ladybugs from blocks like Duplos. There is even a ladybug Lego mini-figure. These toys are double the fun because kids get to build their creations and then play with them.

Toys with movement

Toys with movement are a big hit with children. Ladybug ride-on toys get little kids moving. Pullback cars scoot across the floor like real ladybugs. Wind-up toys crawl across the floor. Plush ladybugs move with the push of a button. These will delight ladybug fans.

Lights and sounds 

Interactive ladybug toys that light up and make sounds are ideal for babies and young children. They not only help teach new concepts, but the kids have fun while learning. There are even plush stuffed animals that double as nightlights. Although ladybugs are quiet creatures in real life, toy versions can be bright and musical.

Popular ladybug characters

You can find toys of popular ladybug characters such as The Ladybug Girl from the book series by Jacky Davis and illustrated by David Soman. There are also many toys from the “Miraculous Ladybug” animated series, such as dolls, figures and blind box toys.

How much you can expect to spend on a ladybug toy

Expect to spend $10-$60, depending on the type of toy. Plush toys tend to be less expensive than electronic ones.

Ladybug toy FAQ

Do any toys allow you to adopt a real ladybug symbolically?

A. Yes. The World Wildlife Federation sends you three plush ladybugs when you symbolically adopt a ladybug. Your donation helps the organization protect animals and places around the world. 

Are there flying ladybug toys?

A. Yes. Since real ladybugs fly, you might want to add a toy that does the same to your collection. You can find remote control ladybugs that actually fly. There are also kites shaped like ladybugs that fly. 

What’s the best ladybug toy to buy?

Top ladybug toy

Kenley Counting Ladybugs Toy

Kenley Counting Ladybugs Toy

What you need to know: Designed by parents for toddlers, this toy uses Montessori principles to help little ones learn basic math skills like counting and number recognition. It also helps to develop fine motor skills.

What you’ll love: Each of the 11 wooden ladybugs has a number from 0-10 with a matching amount of spots. Store the bugs inside the green felt jar that is decorated with pretty detachable daisies. It zips up and adjusts with a shoulder strap.

What you should consider: A few people didn’t think it was durable enough to stand up to use by a toddler.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ladybug toy for the money

Aurora Mini Flopsie Ladybug

Aurora Mini Flopsie Ladybug

What you need to know: This adorable ladybug for people of all ages is from the Aurora Flopsies line, which are relaxed, floppy stuffed animals.

What you’ll love: This 6-inch polyester ladybug’s body is filled with beans, so it is soft and sturdy at the same time.

What you should consider: Some people thought it was too small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon  

Worth checking out

The Learning Journey Code and Learn! Ladybug

The Learning Journey Code and Learn! Ladybug

What you need to know: This ladybug STEM toy for ages 5 and up teaches children basic coding skills.

What you’ll love: This toy comes with a coding card deck and a colored grid map to teach children how to program the remote-control ladybug to reach certain destinations. It helps kids to develop their understanding of giving and following directions and problem-solving skills. They can use it with the remote control or without for freestyle moves.

What you should consider: A handful of people had to let the map lie flat before use to get wrinkles out of it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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