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Mechagodzilla was inspired by Mechani-Kong, King Kong’s robot doppelgänger in “King Kong Escapes.”

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Which Mechagodzilla toys are best?

The debut of Mechagodzilla in 1974 was inspired by the popularity of the mecha genre, a form of Japanese manga or anime that focuses on robots, cyborgs, space stations and other kinds of mechanical innovation. Mechagodzilla is an epic reimagining of the infamous monster Godzilla, star of dozens of films since its first appearance 1954.

The Monsterverse Godzilla vs. Kong 11-Inch Giant Mechagodzilla is an action figure guaranteed to bring joy to both children and adults. Whether used as an action figure or decorative piece, the figurine stands as an impressive depiction of Godzilla’s robotic nemesis.

What to know before you buy a Mechagodzilla toy

Godzilla has had multiple appearances in both traditional and mecha forms. Fans both young and old need some degree of perception to tell the decades apart. Mechagodzilla toys are popular choices for fans of Godzilla and robots alike.

What is Mechagodzilla?

The mecha genre originated in the 1950s with the manga series “Astro Boy.” Mechagodzilla first appeared in “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla” as the robot doppelganger of Godzilla. While the traditional Godzilla is a prehistoric sea monster with nuclear powers, the mecha counterpart is a manmade mechanical weapon.

Versions of Godzilla

The Godzilla franchise has been releasing movies since 1954 — 36 films so far, with 11 versions of the monster. With the continual changes in Godzilla’s design, it can be a challenge to find the right toy from the right movie. Luckily, they are organized into different periods in film history, making it easier to discern which Godzilla is from which era. The 2021 Monsterverse period is the most recent release of Godzilla.

Collectible or toy?

Mechagodzilla merchandise is marketed toward its entire fanbase — children and adults alike. There are plastic action figures that are easily affordable and there are handcrafted figurines that cost hundreds of dollars. If a price tag seems far too high, the item is likely a handcrafted collectible and not a simple plaything. Toys are more clearly promoted to children, often having additional accessories or loud packaging meant to catch a youngster’s eye.

What to look for in a quality Mechagodzilla toy

A quality Mechagodzilla toy should be cinematically accurate to some degree. It should have movable joints and accessories that boost its value as both toy and collectible.

Cinematically accurate

Finding a figurine that closely resembles the cinematic counterpart is crucial. Many versions of Godzilla toys have been released throughout the decades, so finding a specific Mechagodzilla takes some legwork. Most new Mechagodzilla toys follow the design from 2021’s “Godzilla vs. Kong,” with a bold Transformer-like appearance.

Movable joints

The new Mechagodzilla is inspired by Hasbro’s Transformers toys and is designed with moving joints all over its body. A quality toy should follow this design and have some degree of mobility. Remember that interactive toys are more exciting than stationary ones. With this in mind, also consider that collectible figurines may not have this feature if they are built solely for display. 


Whether purchasing a collectible figurine or functional toy, there is no reason to skimp on the accessories. Collectible figurines often come with a display stand and Mechagodzilla toys are often paired with attachable weaponry or other monsters from the Godzilla universe.

How much you can expect to spend on a Mechagodzilla toy

Most Mechagodzilla toys and collectible figurines cost around $25, but larger designs can cost up to $60.

Mechagodzilla toy FAQ

Which Mechagodzilla toy is the newest?

A. The newest version of Mechagodzilla is the 2021 “Godzilla vs. Kong” toy. This Mechagodzilla has a more robotic appearance than previous versions. The franchise also released a 65th-anniversary Mechagodzilla figurine in 2019.

Is Mechagodzilla a Gundam?

A. Gundams, like Mechagodzilla, are of Japanese origin and pertain to science fiction. The difference is that Gundams are a subgenre of mecha considered a more realistic depiction of mechanical design and weaponry.  Mechagodzilla is not designed with realism in mind nor does it have the limitations of Gundam prototypes. The two could theoretically exist in the same universe but Mechagodzilla is not a Gundam.

What are the best Mechagodzilla toys to buy?

Top Mechagodzilla toy

Monsterverse Godzilla vs. Kong 11-Inch Giant Mechagodzilla

Monsterverse Godzilla vs. Kong 11-Inch Giant Mechagodzilla

What you need to know: A Mechagodzilla action figure modeled after the villain from the 2021 movie “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

What you’ll love: A large-scale replica of the new Mechagodzilla with a detachable tail. It has movable joints and quality detailing.

What you should consider: It is pricier than smaller action figures and it has small parts that could be choking hazards for younger children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Mechagodzilla toy for the money

Monsterverse Godzilla vs. Kong 6-Inch Hollow Earth Monsters Mechagodzilla

Monsterverse Godzilla vs. Kong 6-Inch Hollow Earth Monsters Mechagodzilla

What you need to know: A smaller version of the new Mechagodzilla action figure modeled after the “Godzilla vs. Kong” villain.

What you’ll love: This new Mechagodzilla toy is reasonably priced and versatile as both a toy and collectible figurine. The joints are moveable and it comes with an additional Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle, or HEAV, as an accessory.

What you should consider: Despite its appearance, the toy can only bend at its major joints. It’s durable but made of plastic.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Funko Pop Movies Godzilla vs. Kong

Funko Pop Movies Godzilla vs. Kong

What you need to know: A vinyl action figure from the Funko Pop collection.

What you’ll love: This figurine is done in the Funko Pop bobblehead style with all the details of the new 2021 Mechagodzilla. It is a part of a Godzilla vs. Kong collection.

What you should consider: It is not made with the exact likeness of the movie counterpart. It has no movable joints or additional accessories.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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