Which Treasure X toys are best?

Treasure X toys combine extreme unboxing with the “you dig it” play of buildable action figures. Treasure X toys are National Parenting Product Awards winners with the promise of findable treasures. Kids use the special tools to dig, yank, twist, rip and drill through layers of “stone,” sand, guts, goo and slime to find the things hidden inside. 

Treasure X toys have 10 levels of discovery, turning every product boxing into an exciting adventure of its own. Some have real gold-dipped treasures inside. If you want to find guaranteed real gold-dipped treasure, take a look at the Treasure X Sunken Gold Treasure Ship Playset.

What to know before you buy a Treasure X toy


The more levels of adventure in a Treasure X toy, the more things children can find and the more exciting adventures they can have. The minimum number of adventure levels you will find with Treasure X toys is nine. More intricate Treasure X toy playsets have as many as 25 levels of adventure, meaning more challenges and more things to discover. 

Treasure tombs 

Treasure tombs are packed full of dig experiences. Kids have to deal with secret doors to unlock real gold-dipped treasures from the hidden vault deep inside the tombs. Kids get to smash through skulls and solve puzzles while avoiding traps with strange beasts lurking behind them to rescue the king.

Monster labs

Monster labs are the places where body parts are hidden. Kids search through them to find body parts they use to bring monsters to life. Ghoulish compounds are made here, too. Kids mix special powders with water to make all kinds of slime, goo, ooze and creepy spider web compounds.

Treasure ships

Treasure ships are the places you will find fierce sea creatures. Just like the pirate ships from the days of the sailing ships, treasure ships come with rigging, cannons, anchors and mysterious cargo. If the treasure ship has been captured by a sea monster, you can save the captain from a watery grave.

What to look for in a quality Treasure X toy

Monster Gold

All Treasure X toy Monster Gold figures have interchangeable and swappable body parts. Kids can mix and match them to make hundreds of combinations of ghoulish figures and monsters, just like Frankenstein.

It’s alive!

Some of the Treasure X Monster Gold toys come to life when you attach the Power Generator and flip the switch. Look for eyes and brains that light up, mouths that open and monsters that leap out at you. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Treasure X toy

As the levels of adventure and the number of hidden treasures increase, so does the cost of Treasure X toys. Single-figure Treasure X toys can be found for between $5-$15 and playsets start at around $20 and go up to about $50.

Treasure X toys FAQ

What is the difference between Treasure X toys and Treasure X toy Monster Gold toys?

A. Each Monster Gold Treasure X toy comes with a different poseable action figure. All of them have swappable body parts so kids can mix and match parts to create fearsome and gruesome monsters of their own.

What are the chances of finding real gold?

A. It all depends on the Treasure X toy you buy. Sometimes your chances are one in 12. If you buy a big enough set, real gold-dipped treasure is guaranteed.

What’s the best Treasure X toy to buy?

Top Treasure X toy 

Treasure X Sunken Gold Treasure Ship Playset

Treasure X Sunken Gold Treasure Ship Playset

What you need to know: Find guaranteed real gold-dipped treasure inside this pirate’s treasure ship.

What you’ll love: Kids spend hours searching and digging with 25 levels of adventure. Hidden inside the treasure ship are cannons, anchors, weapons and the old ship’s wheel. Take on the evil green monster octopus Kraken and save the captain. Battle Kraken, stab him and poke his eyes out. Defeat Kraken in combat and his jaw pops open, coins fly out and the location of the treasure chest with the real gold-dipped coin inside is finally revealed. Fire the cannon, walk the plank and drop down through trap doors into a jail cell hidden inside.

What you should consider: Every step can be reset to play over and over.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Treasure X toy for the money

Treasure X 16 Level Dino Gold Dissection Unbox with the Classic Experience

Treasure X 16 Level Dino Gold Dissection Unbox with the Classic Experience

What you need to know: Take on the ultimate treasure adventure with Dino Dissection.

What you’ll love: Free the awesome red T-Rex from his golden cage. Dig the dinosaur’s feet out from the new stone compound that contains prehistoric fossils. Dissect the dinosaur to rescue Treasure Rex, the toy hunter. After saving Rex, cut open the beast’s belly with your golden dagger. Remove the gory parts from his slimy stomach filled with golden ooze and turn him into an armored Battle Dino with fighting gear. Place Treasure X in his saddle on top of the monster’s back so he’s got the upper hand now. There are 16 levels of adventure and you have a one in eight chance of finding real gold-dipped treasure.

What you should consider: This Treasure X toy has many tiny parts that little kids can swallow and choke on.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Treasure X Monster Gold Monster Coffin

Treasure X Monster Gold Monster Coffin

What you need to know: Kids get ghoulish when they search for real gold-dipped treasures with this 13-layer Treasure X adventure kit.

What you’ll love: Hunt for monsters with this Treasure X toy. Dig, chip, pull and dissolve layers of sand, “stone,” goo, slime monster overlays and spider web compounds to find the body parts you use to build your own monster. The monster figures in this latest version are bigger now, standing 5 inches tall. Be alert for the Jump Scare monster reveal. Which monster will jump up from its coffin? Mix and match body parts, Frankenstein-style to create new Monster Combo characters. 

What you should consider: Your chance of finding a real gold-dipped treasure is one in 12.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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