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While Hatchimals remain popular five years after their original debut, several new types of Hatchimals have arrived since then, including Pixie Crystal Flyers, the first flying Hatchimals.

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What’s the difference between Hatchimals and Hatchimal Pixies? 

Hatchimals have been around since 2016 and continue to grow in popularity. Since their original debut, there have been several varieties and expansions added to the family of Hatchimals, one of which is the Hatchimals Pixies line. 

There are several differences between Hatchimals and Hatchimal Pixies that you should know about when deciding which one to buy: For the most part, the single biggest difference between Hatchimals and Hatchimals Pixies is that the former are generally animals or combinations of animal species, and the latter are human-like fairies.

What to know about Hatchimals

The original Hatchimals are plush robotic creatures of various sorts that “hatch” themselves from a disposable plastic shell. For eggs to hatch, children must rub the bottom to encourage the Hatchimal to break through the egg. Each Hatchimal within is a surprise.

CollEGGtibles Dozen

However, not all Hatchimals are large plushies. There are smaller toys available that are more like action figures than stuffed animals. Some are sold in groups, sets or collections (such as Colleggtibles), and others are larger than the originals, boxed in giant-sized eggs waiting for a child’s hand to start tapping on them.

The original five species of Hatchimals include the Burtle, Draggle, Owlicorn, Penguala and Bearakeet, each standing about eight inches tall. These plush robots come in football-sized eggs and run with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $59.99. These originals are larger than most of the Hatchimals added to the toy line in succeeding years.

Hatchimals pros

Wow Llalacorn

The original Hatchimals were designed for children who like to cuddle with plushies and take care of toys. Boys and girls alike can learn a sense of responsibility as they care for the Hatchimals in the pre-hatch and post-hatch phases. Many of the non-Pixie Hatchimals are cute little animals that children collect and play with as they develop motor skills while fueling their imaginations.

Hatchimals cons

Original Hatchimals are relatively expensive. While kids are still eager to collect them all, that can be quite a tall order, seeing as they’re almost $60 each. Many parents report battery issues and mechanical issues with the toys, although those issues have improved since the original 2016 release.

Best Hatchimals to buy in general 

RainBocorns Epic Golden Egg

The original Hatchimals line has grown to include several varieties of egg-originating surprises, which come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and themes. Right now, the best Hatchimals are the Wow Llalacorn, Hatchimals Mystery, the RainBocorns Epic Golden Egg, the CollEGGtibles Dozen and Hatchimals Pixies.

What to know about Hatchimals Pixies

This popular addition to the Hatchimals toy line has a few distinct differences from the original Hatchimals. Children who enjoy surprise toys that are less fluffy and more interactive in nature might enjoy Pixies. Those who want flying toys like drones, UFO drifters and hand-controlled orbiters might enjoy the Hatchimals Pixies that fly.

Crystal Flyers

Be careful to research the Hatchimal Pixies you purchase, because not all of them can fly. If you are looking for Pixies that can go airborne, you’ll want to look for the very newest line of Hatchimals Pixies called Crystal Flyers.

Pixies are different from the original Hatchimals in that they aren’t various blends of animal species but instead are human-like fairy creatures. They also hatch a bit differently than the original Hatchimals. 

Instead of Hatchimals Pixies pecking their way out of their eggs, your child must hold the egg and rub the heart on it until it turns pink. Once it has turned pink, kids can press the heart to make the egg crack open. 

Hatchimals Pixies pros

Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers create an all-new level of excitement for children as they fly up into the air. They are the first Hatchimals to be able to do so. The Pixies can launch from their base and lift up, and children use their hands to guide them. Pixies that do not fly are available in several varieties of their own 一 complete with wings, their own pets and other accessories.

These flying action figures can help kids develop their imaginations while learning about the concepts of force and balance. Children also learn a sense of responsibility as they care for the Pixies until they hatch. Hatchimals Pixies are available in different sizes, but all of them are recommended only for children who are at least five years of age.

Hatchimals Pixies cons

Some parents have complained that flying Pixies can be difficult for their children to control. As is the case with any flying toy, Pixies should be used with caution and only by children of ages that fall within the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many of the Hatchimals Pixies do contain small parts and should be kept away from very young children.

The best Hatchimals Pixies to buy

Pixies Riders

If you’re looking for a Pixie that flies, the Crystal Flyers is the type of Hatchimal you’ll want to look for. If you’re going to buy a Pixie that comes with its own glittery pretty pet, the Hatchimals Pixies Riders collection is what you need. The child you’re shopping for might also like a Hatchimals Pixies Shimmer Babies Babysitter

Should I buy Hatchimals or Hatchimals Pixies?

The best Hatchimals or Pixies to buy depends on the child who will be receiving the toy. If the child on your shopping list is younger or would enjoy a furry, fuzzy or larger Hatchimal that hatches out of its egg primarily on its own, an original Hatchimal or Hatchimals Mystery toys would be ideal. 

Other Hatchimals that are not Pixies are available as single pets or sets of mini-figures (like the Colleggtibles). There are also Colleggtible playsets on the market sold separately. These Hatchimals are not plushies, but more like small action figures.

Shimmer Babies Babysitter

A child who wants a human-like fairy would enjoy the Hatchimals Pixies. Older children might like the Pixie Crystal Flyers, which contain small parts and are not suitable for very young kids. Smaller children would do well with non-flying Pixies, such as the Shimmer Babies Babysitter or Pixie Riders.


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