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Which Samsonite luggage lock is best?

Whether you’re going across the state or across the world, you want your luggage safe and secure. Theftproof backpacks are expensive and not always the best looking, so why not consider something more economical that works with what you already have. Samsonite makes some of the most trusted luggage locks around, and you can’t go wrong with the Samsonite Travel Sentry Combination Cable Lock.

What to know before you buy a Samsonite luggage lock


It’s likely that your luggage has more than one zipped section; maybe you have a full set of luggage you want to secure. Samsonite offers packages of multiple locks, so you can secure all zippers at once.


There are three main Samsonite lock models, with one having a slightly thinner, more pliable cable lock mechanism. The other two have a more traditional, rigid locking mechanism used by most combination locks or padlocks.

Combination or key lock

Outside of thickness, the only choice to make is combination or key lock. Most users report no difficulty setting the password on Samsonite combination locks, but if the instructions confuse you, there are ample videos and articles that can walk you through it. A padlock is simpler, but a bit more work to carry the key with you and make sure you don’t lose it.

What to look for in a quality Samsonite luggage lock

TSA compliance

Like many luggage locks, all Samsonite locks comply with Transportation Security Administration standards. TSA-compliant locks can be opened with a TSA-specific “master key” only available to members of the TSA at the airport.

While it’s unlikely that the TSA will go through your bag, if they do, they’ll have to cut off locks that aren’t TSA compliant. If they can’t cut through the locks, they’ll have to cut through zippers or even the bag.

Design and color

Samsonite luggage locks have a distinctive design and a range of colors that help distinguish them. Samsonite locks are a popular choice and some other travelers likely will use them. However, their distinctive look at least helps you be surer of which bag is yours should you lose your luggage tag. To make life easier, a less-used color like orange or lime green will stand out against the sea of neutral-colored locks.

Large dials

If you have trouble with small locks but don’t want to use a key, Samsonite’s oversized dials can help. Large and smooth-turning, Samsonite locks are easier to operate for consumers who struggle with small locks and dials.

How much you can expect to spend on a Samsonite luggage lock

Luggage locks are a cost-effective way to keep your things safe. Expect to spend around $10.

Samsonite luggage lock FAQ

Should you choose a key or dial lock?

A. Most people will be fine with a dial for simplicity’s sake. If you’re really worried about safety or carrying things of high value, a key lock prevents someone guessing your combination (though this is highly unlikely).

If TSA agents have to get into your luggage, will they destroy your lock?

A. No. Samsonite locks are TSA compliant and don’t have to be cut open. 

What happens if the TSA searches your bag?

A. Usually, nothing much. Machines scan for threats, and a TSA official has to go through your baggage to see what the machine registered as a threat (whether correctly or not), moving on after locating the problem. Be sure you’re familiar with what items are TSA compliant; trying to check a non-compliant item is a quick way to get your bag opened. Having old barcodes on your bag also can trigger a search.

What’s the best Samsonite luggage lock to buy?

Top Samsonite luggage lock

Samsonite Travel Sentry Combination Cable Lock

Samsonite Travel Sentry Combination Cable Lock

What you need to know: The cable lock version of Samsonite’s flagship luggage lock works well not just for luggage, but also for lockers or other storage on the go.

What you’ll love: With a cable lock, this version of the Travel Sentry is more pliable and widely applicable than its more traditional counterparts. With hundreds of possible combinations, your luggage is well protected.

What you should consider: Some users may not feel a cable lock is strong enough to keep their luggage safe.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Samsonite luggage lock for the money

Samsonite Brass Travel Sentry 2 Pack of Key Locks

Samsonite Brass Travel Sentry 2-Pack of Key Locks

What you need to know: Not only is this less expensive than Samsonite’s other luggage locks, -you get two in the pack.

What you’ll love: If you want the security of a key lock, Samsonite gives you two for under $10. Brass fittings make the lock shine, making it not only functional, but a good accessory. Two keys per lock are included.

What you should consider: While key locks are secure, you have to make sure not to lose the key.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Staples

Worth checking out

Samsonite Travel Sentry Three-Dial Combination Lock

Samsonite Travel Sentry Three-Dial Combination Lock

What you need to know: Everything you love about the combination-lock version of this is included, with a more robust locking system.

What you’ll love: You’re afforded the convenience of a three-digit lock with hundreds of combinations but have extra peace of mind. With a more rigid mechanism, this lock looks less inviting to would-be thieves.

What you should consider: This may not be as easy to use as the cable version to lock things other than luggage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond

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