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Would you call yourself a fan of the Brooklyn Robins? What about the Brooklyn Bridegrooms? If you have any Los Angeles Dodgers gear, the answer to both is yes. 

If you aren’t an avid Dodgers fan, let us explain. 

Several professional baseball teams playing today got their start in the late 1800s when the major league was formed. The Cincinnati Reds, for example, played under the Red Stockings nickname in 1869 when they became the first to field a professional team, according to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Among the other current-day teams playing under a different moniker 150 years ago are the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

They started as the Brooklyn Athletics in 1883 but listed their name as “the Grays, the city name of Brooklyn or the Church City Nine,” starting in 1884, according to a report on the team’s website

Brooklyn would use multiple nicknames: the Bridegrooms after seven players were married in 1888; Ward’s Wonders because of manager John Montgomery Ward; and Foutz’s Fillies for manager Dave Foutz in 1893. 

By 1896, the team adopted the name Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers, shortened to Dodgers, paying homage to the trolley tracks stretching through the city, a timeline of the team’s history explains.

One of the team’s longest-held nicknames – the name they were playing under exactly 100 years ago – was the Brooklyn Robins. As the team had done before, it looked to its manager, then Wilbert Robinson, for inspiration. From 1915 to 1931, the team was commonly referred to as the “Robins.”

As the Robins, the franchise would make its first and second World Series appearances, where they fell to the Boston Red Sox, 4-1, and the Cleveland Indians, 5-2, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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After more than 15 years, the team returned to the name “Dodgers,” which appeared on the team uniforms by 1933. It’d stick, as we see today, and follow the club in its move to Los Angeles for the 1958 season. 

Today, the Dodgers are among the most popular MLB teams, reports from Statista and YouGov show. The team starts its 2022 regular season on the road against the Colorado Rockies on Friday.