Anaheim Ducks assistant coach Mike Stothers announced he has been diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma of the lymph node, according to a statement from the team. 

Stothers is under care at UCI Health and is scheduled to begin treatment and surgery “in the coming weeks” the team said. 

“If I could share one simple message to all: listen to your body,” said Mike Stothers. “If you notice something unusual or don’t feel like yourself, consult a doctor immediately…it could be the best decision you ever make.” 

Stothers also thanked Ducks owners Henry and Susan Samueli and the entire organization for their support. 

“Mike is one of the toughest and finest people in hockey,” the owners said in a statement. “For him to take the time to try and help others while dealing with his own battle says a lot about who he is.” 

The Ducks travel to Seattle on Tuesday to take on the Kraken for their first game since the announcement of Stothers’ diagnosis.