A man who planned on attending game five of the NBA Finals at the Warriors arena has now been banned for life after entering the arena disguised as star Klay Thompson and throwing up shots on the court.

Dawson Gurley, a successful YouTuber, posted an image of a letter from Chase Arena on his Twitter account alleging that he entered through the employee entrance and deliberately deceived Chase Center building personnel by impersonating a “GSW employee.”

The employee Chase Center officials are referring to is five-time All-Star Klay Thompson.

Gurley posted a picture on his Instagram decked out in Warrior gear as he stood on the court in the arena with a basketball tucked on his side.

He also posted an Instagram video that showed him getting through security to park in the employee parking lot as he sported a Klay Thompson jersey.

The video captures employees’ excitement and one even asked for a picture with “Klay.”

In a tweet, Gurley says he got past five layers of security and shot around on the court for 10 minutes. He also stated that he spent $10,000 on tickets that the stadium refuses to refund.

The letter goes on to state that if Gurley violates the ban, he will be subject to arrest for criminal trespass.