Some fans believe their team performs better when playing at home or against certain opponents, but a new study has found that all NBA teams have a “luckiest” day of the week. 

A study by online gambling experts at JustGamblers analyzed data from every result over the last five regular and post seasons ending after the 2023 NBA Finals to determine which days of the week each of the 30 NBA teams wins the most on. 

Each franchise’s “luckiest” day was determined by their highest win percentage on each day of the week. 

As for L.A.’s hometown teams, they both tend to win the most on Sundays; the Clippers have been victorious in 32 of their last 51 Sunday games, which equates to a 62.7 percent win rate. 

The Lakers fared slightly worse; of the 65 games they played on Sundays, they won 40 of them, giving them with a 61.5% win rate. 

Basketball fans in Milwaukee seem to enjoy the start of the weekend, as the Bucks win over 73% of their games on Saturdays, the highest such percentage of any team in the league for one day of the week. 

Researchers noted one anomaly in the study; the Indiana Pacers are the only team in the entire NBA that recorded an identical win percentage on Saturdays and Tuesdays (33 wins in 58 games, or 56.9%). 

Each team’s “luckiest” day of the week can be viewed in the table below: 

TeamLuckiest” dayGames played on “luckiest” dayGames won on “luckiest day”Win percentage on “luckiest” day
Atlanta HawksSunday593254.2%
Boston CelticsTuesday765268.4%
Brooklyn NetsSunday623861.3%
Charlotte HornetsTuesday613150.8%
Chicago BullsFriday633352.4%
Cleveland CavaliersMonday442147.7%
Dallas MavericksSaturday553360%
Denver NuggetsTuesday664466.7%
Detroit PistonsThursday512039.2%
Golden State WarriorsFriday574070.2%
Houston RocketsMonday512447.1%
*Indiana PacersTuesday583356.9%
*Indiana PacersSaturday583356.9%
Los Angeles ClippersSunday513262.7%
Los Angeles LakersSunday654061.5%
Memphis GrizzliesFriday643859.4%
Miami HeatSaturday643960.9%
Milwaukee BucksSaturday674973.1%
Minnesota TimberwolvesFriday563053.6%
New Orleans PelicansSunday 572849.1%
New York KnicksSaturday532547.2%
Oklahoma City ThunderSaturday633555.6%
Orlando MagicMonday582950%
Philadelphia 76ersThursday533871.7%
Phoenix SunsTuesday694260.9%
Portland Trail BlazersFriday573663.2%
Sacramento KingsTuesday553054.5%
San Antonio SpursSaturday532852.8%
Toronto RaptorsMonday594271.2%
Utah JazzMonday442965.9%
Washington WizardsThursday612947.5%

The team with the “unluckiest” day, according to the study, is the New York Knicks, who win less than half of their Saturday games despite it being their “luckiest” day of the week.

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