It is hard for some to believe that Tom Brady does not want to come out of retirement.

But after the seven-time Super Bowl champion told Sports Illustrated’s Robin Lundberg that he was “certain” about not playing in the NFL again, he explained why the new phase in his life will be centered around his Fox broadcasting job, his Raiders ownership opportunity and, most importantly, his kids.

Brady is the father of three kids. His son, Jack, is currently a quarterback at his high school. However, as the 45-year-old continues his transition away from the gridiron, Brady told ESPN that he would prefer his eldest son to choose something that he “loves to do” versus attempting to live up to the “crazy expectations” awaiting him on the football field.

“I hope he [Jack] finds the things in his life that allow him to get up every day to be internally motivated to work hard at something that he loves to do," Brady said in an ESPN interview. “A lot of it I wouldn’t choose for him to do that because there’s too many crazy expectations that people would put on him. Most of them probably very unfair actually.”

If Jack chooses to follow in his father’s footsteps, the microscope of attention would be similar to the Manning siblings following their father Archie, as well as the publicity surrounding Bronny James—the eldest son of Lakers star LeBron James—in his burgeoning basketball career.

But, if the decision was solely left up to the 15-time Pro Bowler, Brady believes Jack—along with his other kids—should simply follow their dreams.

“That's what we as parents should do—support our children’s dreams whatever they may be,” Brady said. “It doesn’t need to be sports. It could be whatever. … Now that I’ve got more time on my hands, I’m very much looking forward to doing that as well.”