Los Angeles Chargers Pro Bowl quarterback Justin Herbert has impressed football fans far and wide with his overall talent and arm-throwing ability. Herbert has one of the prettiest thrown balls in all of football and has garnered comparison to some of the best arms in the sport's history. 

Herbert has earned that comparison, and even though he's been around the block a few times already, it doesn't mean fans or players aren't impressed by it. Last week, the Bolts took on the Detroit Lions, and their Pro Bowl edge rusher, one of the best young ones in the game, Aidan Hutchison, was marveled by the 25-year-old's impressive arm talent. 

“That guy’s a baller, man. I mean, he threw one -- I hit him going out of bounds from the sideline,” Hutchinson said. “ I thought he held the ball. I didn’t know he threw it, then he got back up and was like, ‘let’s freaking go!’ And I was like, ‘did he complete that thing?’ I was like, ‘what the hell?’” 

(Per Michael David Smith of NBC Sports)

This is the play Hutchison is talking about. 

Herbert is as talented as any quarterback this sport has ever seen. Some may consider that hyperbole, but the talent is there, and it's undeniable. 

The former rookie of the year had himself one of his best performances of the season against the Lions, throwing for 323 yards and four touchdowns. As we move to the crucial part of the season, Herbert will look for more performances like that but add some W's along the way. 

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