The Los Angeles Chargers have not been playing to their strengths this season, and that is why they are currently 4-6. The team is now dead last in the AFC West, and they are facing an even bigger challenge against the Baltimore Ravens this week.

Though Justin Herbert came sprinting out of the gate in 2020, winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, he has been setting records in other unseemly categories. 

Herbert is now the only quarterback since 2020 to have 30 losses, which is not a stat that Bolts fans want to be seeing. Despite his ability to air out the ball, the signal caller has been having a tough go of things. 

It would be a bit unfair to peg the responsibility solely on Herbert, as he has a cast of players that should all be disappointed in their performances. Both Keenan Allen and Quentin Johnston dropped crucial touchdown passes in yesterday's tough loss to the Packers. 

The defense has also been banged up in the secondary position, allowing teams to carve up the middle of the field. The Chargers have been getting healthy, though it appears that they are not healthy enough.

Herbert was dealing with a fractured finger since Week 4, though it was on his non-throwing hand. During this week's practice, he was finally seen without tape or a splint, meaning he is finally healed up. 

Much of the blame of the Chargers tough season can be placed solely on the shoulders of head coach Brandon Staley, who has been calling plays on the defensive side of the ball

Still, in this day and age, when a team fails—it is usually the quarterback who takes the brunt of the blame. The Bolts are now facing down a steeper uphill battle to return to the playoffs, and it appears this season might not be fruitful. 

With 30 losses under his belt since entering the league, it is getting tougher to peg Herbert as a clutch quarterback.