The Los Angeles Chargers. Man, oh, man. It's been tough to watch these Bolts play in 2023. Heading into the season, there was a group of people who brought into the Chargers and had faith they would turn things around to truly be considered as top dogs in the NFL. However, there were others who didn't buy into the hype that they were the same old Chargers we've seen in years past.

Heading into Week 12, the latter seems to be in the right when it comes to the Bolts. The Chargers playing underwhelming football is one way to put it, but their star running back Austin Ekeler remains optimistic despite all of what's happened through ten games in 2023. 

“We know we’ve got a good squad,” Ekeler said. “We know that we can play better than we showed today, but we didn’t.”

(Per Jeff Miller of The Los Angeles Times)

The Chargers struggled mightily on defense (but what's new right?). However, their inability to score in the red zone was also a huge problem. The Bolts entered Week 11 as the NFL's second-best offense inside their opponents' 20-yard line, scoring touchdowns on 72% of their trips. 

On Sunday, the Chargers scored 13 points from inside the 20; however, they failed to add three touchdowns instead of the two field goals they settled for. On top of that, Ekeler fumbled at the two-yard line with a chance to take the lead in the beginning moments of the fourth quarter. 

The Bolts wasted multiple opportunities, and what stings the most is that these were self-inflicted wounds. That seems to be the Charger way, and at the end of it, those types of failed opportunities will be the death of them when their 2023 season ends. 

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