The Los Angeles Chargers dropped the ball on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers on the road. LA had a chance to move to .500 and stay alive in the postseason race. Instead, LA sits two games below .500 and is in danger of making the playoffs. 

Another game, another disappointment. I'm sure long-time Charger fans are numb to this feeling after years and years of disappointment, but it seems like they reach new lows each and every year. At this point, it's impressive, unlike their defense, which continues to be not-so-great. 

We just completed Week 11, and there is no sign of improvement regarding the defense, not even in the slightest. The defense is the topic of concern, and all eyes will continue to be on this horrendous defense. Head coach Brandon Staley was brought over from the Rams in 2021 to improve the defense; instead, it is the worst it has ever looked in his tenure. 

The pass defense, in particular, has been among the bottom three, costing them against Green Bay. Staley spoke to the media and said their inability to slow the passing attack was their Achilles heal on Sunday. 

“There’s these plays that really hijacked our rhythm in the passing game,” Staley said. “That’s where we gotta put our focus. That’s where it’s been. Until we get that solved consistently you’re gonna continue to see results like today.”

(per Brandon Staley via LA Times)

Packers QB Jordan Love became the fifth quarterback against the Chargers to reach 300+ yards this season. LA's inability to slow down the pass is baffling, considering the type of talent LA possesses in the secondary. 

Their superstar, Derwin James, is supposed to be the captain, taking charge of the defense, and he's been either nonexistent or too busy being called for targeting. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of it, it's not his fault. The root cause is Staley and his inability to coach a defense with this type of talent all throughout. 

LA was outgained on total yards, forced zero turnovers, and let the Green Bay pass catchers do what they wanted. It's the same thing, different week for the Bolts. It's obvious what needs to be done; we're just all waiting for the inevitable.