The Los Angeles Chargers defense once again allowed an opponent's offense to do pretty much whatever they wanted to. This time it led to LA losing a winnable game to the Green Bay Packers and dropping their season record down to 4-6.

Packers quarterback Jordan Love had struggled with consistency all season, but he looked comfortable against the Chargers defense. He threw for 322 yards and two touchdowns en route to the win, including the final go-ahead score late in the game.

"The final air strike came after the Chargers struggled to find their alignment when Green Bay’s offense went with no huddle. As the ball was snapped, [Michael] Davis and linebacker Kenneth Murray Jr. nearly collided, costing Davis a precious step."

Per Jeff Miller of The Los Angeles Times

This set up the game-winning touchdown for the Packers and sent the Chargers home with another loss. Cornerback Michael Davis said that switching was a main cause for the touchdown.

“That last play was bad ball,” Davis said. “You can’t be scrambling around and switching on the run. It puts everybody in a bad spot.”

Per Jeff Miller of The Los Angeles Times

Communication issues seemingly have become a common occurrence for this Chargers team, and it has cost them a few times. They seem out of sorts on the defensive side of the ball at times, and it's a problem.

“Problems with communication, tackling and penalties have undermined a defense that approaching three seasons into Staley’s tenure as head coach simply hasn’t been good enough.”

Per Jeff Miller of The LA Times

Staley was originally brought in for his strong defensive mind, but it hasn’t translated over to the Chargers during his time with the team. It has become a real issue for this organization, and it could end up costing him his job after the season, if not sooner.

He came into the year on the hot seat, and it has gotten worse for him with each passing game. The Bolts don’t have much time left to turn things around, and if they can’t do so, changes will be made.

They entered this season with a ton of promise, but it has been more of the same for them. LA has faltered beyond comprehension, and it may end up costing them another wasted season.

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