It’s the NBA Finals, and the series between the Heat and Nuggets is tied at one game apiece. Chris Paul appears to be on the way out the door with the Suns.

To some basketball fans, however, there was no bigger story Wednesday than a bizarre, extraordinarily NSFW sequence of tweets from adult film star Moriah Mills slamming Pelicans forward Zion Williamson in the wake of the announcement of his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

“Better pray I’m not pregnant because I’m definitely late,” Mills wrote in one of the spree’s few printable tweets, in which she insinuated Williamson had a tryst with her.

Fortunately or unfortunately, defending on your viewpoint, this news made its way to one Stephen A. Smith of ESPN.

“The name Zion Williamson came up because apparently he’s about to be a daddy,” Smith said with near-comic solemnity. “And the person who’s about to make him a new father, is not the person, that was on social media talking about him.”

After this Cronkite-esque recitation of the facts, Smith went off.

“A girl named Moriah Mills, calling him out by name, giving vivid details of their encounters with one another … SHE’S A PORN STAR!” Smith shrieked. “Man, you only played 29 games last year! And you missed the season before that! What the hell is taking you so long to get healthy? Well, now I know!”

Smith spent nearly a minute and a half in total breaking down the alleged affair, his comedic timing airtight as always.